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Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center

Who We Are:

Started in February 2010, Olivewood Gardens, a 501(c) 3, is a community and garden resource facility and home to the International Community Foundation. Olivewood Gardens is a Type 1 supporting organization of the International Community Foundation. The house, gardens, and property were donated to the foundation by the Walton family in 2006 and later gifted to Olivewood Gardens in 2010.

Our staff serves our community with the help of dedicated volunteers including:

Ballymaloe Cookery School Organic Farm and Gardens

 Slow Food Councillor for Ireland, Darina Allen has been running an innovative ‘Grow and Cook’ programme at Ballymaloe Cookery School since 2005 to teach local school kids how to produce and cook their own food. Here she describes the programme in more detail.

Lang Ranch Wellness Committee

We just got approved to move forward with our garden. The principal has made it clear that although he likes the garden idea, it's not his top priority. I want to be able to inform teachers about available lesson plans and ideas and get them in our new garden and use it.

Hiland Hall Garden

 Hiland Hall Garden is a beautiful historic garden located in the village of North Bennington, Vermont. The garden and grapery serve as an outdoor classroom for gardening, art and healthy eating for local schools. 



Food 4 U in the Elementary and Aspen Middle Schools ensures that all students have access to delicious, healthy, seasonal meals in order to grow their bodies, minds and future.  All meals are made from locally grown, sustainable ingredients to the greatest extent possible.  

We also want students to understand the relationship between food, health, nutrition, cultures, environment, and business; the relationship children have with food will evolve into a circle benefiting not just themselves, but society as a whole.

SAY Miramar Ranch

My amazing students have created a thriving, organic, edible and therapeutic garden. It is a lifelong benefit for children to know how to take care of themselves and the planet. 

North School Design Innovation Lab

 Our Design Innovation Lab is a place students apply their basic classroom skills towards meaningful purposeful project based learning during the school day.   Our projects range from environmental Sciences, social global change, all the way to Design innovation Engineering and Robotics.   Students work collaborative in our laboratory but also have a chance to think quietly on their own while researching. 

Odyssey Community School Gardens

Odyssey Community School is a public charter school in Connecticut; we are in our 15th year and have recently expanded to be a K - 8 school.  We are in the process of obtaining funding to improve our grounds, and we would love to include teaching gardens in our plan.  Right now we only have a muddy field for kids to play in, and no gardens that kids and teachers can work in. 

Creating a sustainable organic school garden

We are just begining to create our first school vegetable garden. We are working as a team to create the garden in hopes of moving to a community reform and outreach. We are working toward using collected rainwater and creating compost from school lunches to feed our garden. We are just in the very begining stages.

The Coop School's Rooftop Edible Garden, Brooklyn

 Our edible rooftop garden will be launched in Spring 2012. Each of four pre-K classes will have two planter boxes, one with lettuces, one with herbs. 

Our composting program was launched in January 2012. All lunch scraps are composted in the lunch room using the Bokashi method.

Parents and students will plant together as a Community Event on May 6.

The planters will be fitted with DIY self watering systems, so we hope to be able to sustain the garden through the long hot summer.


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