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At The Edible Schoolyard Project we seek to bring students’ lived experiences into the classroom to connect their lives to their learning. The Edible Schoolyard Project supports students, teachers, and families by offering the following curricula and resources at no charge. 

Interdependence in the Garden Ecosystem

This 12-lesson, NGSS-aligned series takes students on a journey of exploring the ecological principle of interdependence through the lens of organic gardening. Over the course of the series, students will consider what it means to say that a garden is an "ecosystem" and will have the opportunity to develop a crop planting proposal.

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Understanding Organic: Connections to Action in the Garden Classroom 

Understanding Organic: Connections to Action in the Garden Classroom is a garden and classroom based curriculum for middle to high school students that explores the concepts and meanings of organic agriculture. The curriculum consists of a short preparatory unit, a sequence of ten core lessons, and twelve optional extension inquiries that can also be taught as stand alone lessons.  The ten core lessons utilize hands-on explorations of organic practices and feature textual analysis and open discussions to examine the complex meanings of organic. The final project workbook introduces students to a social action project in which students apply their knowledge and experiences to enact justice-oriented change related to organic.

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Cooking with Curiosity Curriculum

Cooking with Curiosity is a curriculum designed to introduce students to cooking skills while building reflection practices so that they can cook confidently on their own terms. Cooking with Curiosity is a four-unit curriculum with approximately 40 lessons designed to be completed over the course of a semester. Lessons are written for middle school students but many will adapt easily to elementary and high school audiences.  The entire curriculum is now available to view, use, and share.

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Know, Sow, Grow

This set of six hands-on, garden-based activities is geared towards teaching the basics of plant parts and processes.  The lessons emphasize and actively teach vocabulary because gardening’s rich lexicon can often seem intimidating or unapproachable to new gardeners. Our Know, Sow, Grow lessons provide scaffolding and pull back the curtain to introduce students to a world of new words in a fun and approachable way. All of the  lessons are designed so that they can be taught in-person or remotely, synchronously or asynchronously.

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Student Engagement Workbook

The Student Engagement Workbook offers a collection of texts and activities to support gardening and cooking educators in deepening student engagement. The workbook prompts educators to reflect on their own learning experiences, presents exercises for recognizing student engagement, and leads the reader in developing a personalized plan to increase student engagement in their classes.

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Resource Library

The Edible Schoolyard resource library is a searchable database of gardening, cooking, and food systems lessons. Using the resource library you can search and sort by grade level, classroom type, key concepts, or even instructional strategies.

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