Edible Schoolyard Trainings
We train educators, gardeners, chefs, and advocates from all over the world to seed and grow edible education in their schools, cafeterias, and communities.

We train educators, gardeners, chefs, and advocates from all over the world to seed and grow edible education in their schools, cafeterias, and communities. Join us to learn and share core principles and practical tools for engaging students in academics, sensory learning, and culturally responsive lessons in the kitchen, garden, and cafeteria. 

Edible Schoolyard Summer Training 2020

The Edible Schoolyard is suspending our Summer Training program until next summer. We know this may be disappointing news for you and your team. The Summer Training is a highlight of our year as it provides everyone present an opportunity to connect with and learn from peers in the field of Edible Education. That said, we made this difficult decision to protect the health and wellbeing of our extended community. We are eagerly anticipating summer 2021 and holding the 12th annual Edible Schoolyard Summer Training. 

We are currently grounded in work supporting our local community of students, teachers, and families and our extended community of Edible Educators. We are working hard to develop curriculum to support students learning at home and for teachers to offer to their students. Please consider, subscribing to our new Edible Ed at Home newsletter to receive updates, lesson plans, and activities.


Finally, we are excited to share that we are developing an online training program that can be offered remotely. The program will feature our core principles, practical tools for engaging students in academics, frameworks to support sensory learning, and strategies for designing culturally responsive lessons. We will also offer sessions designed to support educators in adapting to remote learning. You can count on hearing from us when we launch this new exciting program.

Edible Schoolyard Summer Training 2019 

Summer Training 2019 gathered 80 educators from 14 states and 4 countries at the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley.  For four days in late June the group shared best practices and lesson plans, learned from one another in garden and kitchen based skill shares, visited local partner organizations addressing food insecurity, used design thinking to reenvision the cafeteria experience, and discussed key issues in edible education including culturally relevant curriculum and avoiding food shaming. 

Read what training attendees had to say about their experiences:
"I feel this experience was exceptionally inspring and like I was part of something much bigger than myself. I've learned to be more patient, slow down, and invite more conversation in the kitchen classroom."
"It was a fantastic overall experience. The sessions were brilliantly diverse and I enjoyed the hands-on experience. I also enjoyed the amount of mingling that occured and the time that was allowed for networking. I really enjoyed the trainers and admired their diversity and how they presented. I loved how engaging all the activities were. I loved THE FOOD! I loved how each facilitator also shared their personality and stories in their trainings.

"I will always remember the mutual respect that you all have for creating an environment of wonder, learning, respect and positivity! Kudos!"