Garden Classrooms

Akasa Community Outreach

Akasa Community Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides a diversified wellness curriculum to low-income communities throughout Los Angeles. Through our program, students ages 7 to 18 and parents learn about the process of growing, harvesting, sourcing and cooking food to make informed choices about their overall health and wellness. With an eye toward demonstrating the impact of our work, and building a replicable model for other communities, Akasa aims to evaluate our programs on the students and parents it serves.

Garden Farms Foundation

Garden Farms Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, dedicated to enhancing garden programming in various underserved communities as well as schools from Pre-K through college campuses all across the Las Vegas valley. We work to enrich our community with farm-to-table events, educational curriculum, environmental awareness, art integration, nutrition education, farmers markets, produce donations and more. This, paired with hands-on garden lessons, provides the people of today access to the food security of tomorrow. 

Agricultural Arts at Brooksville Elementary School

Agricultural Arts is an exciting new program at Brooksville Elementary School in which all students get one period a week of gardening & culinary education. The class is designed to teach gardening and cooking skills through hands-on learning, gives students a role in cultivating our school garden, and explores a range of subjects through an agricultural/environmental lens. We let the seasons and the natural world guide our learning. The curriculum has been built from scratch based on available human and ecological resources in our community and student inquiry and interest.

High Tech Elementary North County

High Tech High is guided by four connected design principles - equity, personalization, authentic work, and collaborative deisgn - that set aspirational goals. High Tech High is an equity project. Our school is intentionally diverse and integrated. Teachers work to address inequities and help students reach their full potential. Through a learner-centered, inclusive approach we are able to support and challege each individual sudent. We recognize that idenity growth occur in the context of community, our schools fostere relationships of trust, caring, and mutual respect among students.

Rooftop Roots

Rooftop Roots, a 2,000 square foot farm, is perched five stories atop the University District Food Bank which works to build a hunger free NE Seattle by providing them with reliable access to healthy food and life-changing resources. Rooftop Roots engages community members, customers and youth interns with intensive food production experience, food systems and nutrition education as well as a chance to bring home and enjoy fresh produce grown themselves.

Lord Roberts Elementary School

Through Edible Education over 500 students participate weekly in hands-on activities around gardening, cooking, healthy eating and sustainable food systems in our Garden Classroom and Kitchen Classroom. LunchLAB engages Grade 5-7 student leaders in preparing lunches to further build food literacy and provide access to delicious, healthy and sustainable food.

Bacich Gardening Club

The objective of the Bacich Garden Club is to provide gardening education and offer hands-on activities that connect students in grades 1-4 with nature within the Native Garden space at Bacich Elementary. In addition to planting herbs and vegetables from seeds and starts in garden beds, we have taught students how to test for CO2 in soil with a soil respiration kit, started worm bins, created butterfly and bird feeders and will plant a pollinator garden, harvest produce and make salads with the students.

MariLark Farms

MariLark Farms is about building community, about seed saving and about walking the walk and yes, talking the talk in a world that desperately needs it. We all have the responsibility or the ability to respond to actions that require us to respond. We can show the world how to build community by building resilient communities that bring us together to share what is important in our world. Breaking bread and our soils together helps foster good will and good eats too.

LiveWell Kids Garden Education Program

LIveWell Kids was launched by Beach Cities Health District in response to a high childhood obesity rate in the district that it serves. Beach Cities Health District is a public agency that creates healthy services and programming for the residents of its district. The District's Garden Education Coordinator (me) trains volunteer garden docents to annually teach students 5 lessons that align with the Common Core State Standards in 9 schools. 

The mission of the LiveWell Kids program is (from our handbook):

Acta Non Verba

Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV) elevates life in the inner-city by challenging oppressive dynamics and environments through urban farming. Founded and led mainly by women of color from the surrounding neighborhood and larger community, ANV creates a safe and creative outdoor space for children, youth, and families in East Oakland, CA.


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