Garden Classrooms

Valor Academy Elementary School

I work for an amazing charter school called Valor Academy. We are a new school only being in our 2nd year of operation, and this is the very first year of our garden program. We have 5 raised key hole garden beds and a few other raised beds scattered throughout our campus. Our campus primarily services Latino students in a majority of economically under served areas. Our campus currently serves TK-2nd grade and will be adding a new grade every year as we grow. I currently teach gardening and cooking and would love to create a bridge between the two.

Nihi Hokchi--Planting Seeds

The Chahta Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that works closely alongside the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (Nation, CNO), a federally recognized tribe with approximately 200,000 members, whose jurisdictional boundaries span 10 ½ counties (almost 11,000 square miles) in the southeastern quadrant of Oklahoma.

Scarsdale Middle School

Population of program: Scarsdale Middle School focuses on the developmental needs of early adolescents. We seek to foster a highly challenging intellectual environment that is also very nurturing and supportive. The population is made up of a diverse group of 1200 middle school students, from grades 6-8.  

Program Values: To provide hands-on learning and leadership opportunities in order to provide students opportunities to learn so they can make informed decisions about their well being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life.

PEAS - Partners for Education Agriculture and Sustainability

PEAS is dedicated to connecting communities to the natural world with a focus on school and community gardening and outdoor learning in order to inspire the preservation and conservation of our precious planet.

Santa Clara Unified School District - CTE GCC

The SCUSD CTE Garden Connections Teamis a part of a unified collaborative involving seven different SCUSD schools with varying demographics and backgrounds, as well as our child nutrition services department and the SCUSD Farm - to create a K-12 multi-disciplinary Garden Connections Collaborative (GCC). This GCC project includes school garden and culinary clubs, school site visits, mentorship exploration, field trips to our partnering sites as well as surrounding farm-to-fork educational facilities, and reality based education, career-connections opportunities for students.

Cartwright elementary School District Gardens

Our Mission is to serve healthy meals for the body and mind, for positive long-term health and accademic success.

Our vision is to be recognized as the leader in school nurtition by pioneering innovative methods of linking nutrition to life long learning.

We are an urban elementary PreK-8 grade school district that is establishing a district/community garden for the 18,000 students at 21 schools.  We are all provision 2 schools feeding all of our students free meals (we were at 95.3% free and reduced prior to Provision 2). 

World City Center Preschool

World City Center is a Preschool located in the West Adams area of Los Angeles, California. We offer a unique approach to learning and enrichment that addresses the whole child and is based on principals of educational excellence and cross-cultural exploration.

The model consists of a two part offering;

Agua Caliente Elementary

Our program at Agua Caliente Elementary School (ACES) is brand new, as of 2017. Although the school has had a garden for nearly a decade, it has not been highly cultivated. Under a new wellness coordinator and thanks to several grants, ACES is determined to establish a central school garden. The school's mission is a primary focus on health and wellness, with the garden playing a central role in education, socialization and inspiration.

ACES serves elementary school students from diverse ethnic and educational backgrounds in an all-inclusive hands-on education system. 


The Valley Child Development Center's mission statement is "to provide exceptional child development services to families of Red Cloud and surrounding areas by operating a high-quality center that is safe, afforable, and reliable."

Una escuela de colores

Our mission is to seek that our communities have access to food education, so that this can provide a life filled with wellbeing and in turn permeate this culture in the immediate family.

Although we have had the opportunity to work for 5 years with public and private schools this time we will start working on a pilot program within a public school that is located in a marginalized area, this school has around 180 children from kindergarten to primary school


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