Garden Classrooms

Thrive Public Schools

Thrive High School is committed to progressive education, with the following three main areas of emphasis: project-based learning, social-emotional learning, and personalized learning.  We strongly feel that the purpose of our education program is to encourage individual students to recognize their skill sets and to develop relevant skills for a future that is in many ways uncertain and require a strong, but also a flexible and innovative mind.  We would like to continue to develop our food production program in order to build something with our students that has a healthy impact on their f

Childswork Learning Center

We respect children's natural capabilities and share our passion, empathy, and enthusiasm in a reflective and collaborative way. We provide a supportive, nuturing, and encouraging environment for children and families to develop relationships, to discover ideas, to construct knowledge through play, and to cultivate a joy for learning. Play is a child's work and their response to life.

The Madonna Well-Med Children/Senior Garden

Mission Statement: 

Madonna Center helps individuals and families improve their daily lives through education, connections to resources, healthy aging and sense if community. Our vision is one of educated children. 

Core Values: 

Commitment to quality services, respect, competence, culturally sensitive, collaborative and professionalism. 

Lopez Island Farm Education Program

The mission of the L.I.F.E. (Lopez Island Farm Education) Program at the Lopez School is to create sustainable local community-based organic farming & gardening experiences that are wholly integrated into the Lopez Island School District K-12 curriculum & cafeteria to promote individual, community and environmental health.

The L.I.F.E. Program helps students build an appreciation for nature, nutrition, community, land stewardship, and the environment.

Upland Unified School District Nutrition Services

The Upland Unified (UUSD) Nutrition Services Program works to create a healthier environment for UUSD students and all children in the city of Upland. A district- wide belief in a whole child approach fuels initiatives taken by both the Upland Unified School District and Nutrition Services Program. Goals of the Nutrition Services department include developing meals with higher nutritional value, ensuring food security for all students, and increasing nutritional education on campus.

Joseph Sears School

The Joseph Sears School Outdoor Classroom provides students with an outdoor space for hands-on exploration, inquiry, discovery and garden-based learning in all grades K-8 in areas of practical arts, core subjects, social emotional, and health. Surrounded by native plants, butterfly and rain gardens, vegetable and herb beds, fruit bushes and trees, students develop an understanding and curiosity about the natural world. In addition during practical arts classes, students develop an understanding of where our food comes from with the farm-to-table concept - plant, harvest, eat (and enjoy!).

Schoolwide Community Farm & Garden-Chinese International School

The Chinese International School Community Farm and Garden (hereafter CISFarm) project was hatched in May 2018. The Farm became a reality in Septmeber 2018! 

CISFarm: 3500 sq feet farm built on government leased land adjacent to our campus.

CISFarm seeks to give our urbanized students the opportunity to understand their food origin-how and where it is grown. With few farmers markets or open green spaces to touch, feel, explore, this Farm hopes to fill this void: teach life cycle of plants, insects, fruit, and eventually death and rebirth (composting).

Youth Farm

At Youth Farm, we farm to grow. We grow food. We grow community. We grow leaders. We work in diverse neighborhoods across Minneapolis and St. Paul to utilize food as a catalyst for social change, for community engagement, for leadership development - Food is our tool to change the world. We farm to educate and train through gardens and greenhouses. We cultivate leadership through year round programming focused on planting, growing, preparing and distributing the food we grow.

The Northwest School

Environmental sustainability (ES) has been core to The Northwest School’s (NWS) mission and practices since the school’s founding in 1980.

Gardening @ CJR!

The Gardening @ CJR program is run by teachers and students for the last two years. We grow herbs and fast growig veggies that students can harvest before the end of the school year. Students harvest herbs and give them away at a weekly produce program called Hungry Harvest. 

Our mission is to educate students about the role of gardening, healthy eating, and eco stewardship. As a title 1 school, our students need well rounded exposures to nutrition, gardening and eco sustainability. 


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