Garden Classrooms

Pittsburg Unified School District Edible Garden

It is the mission of the Pittsburg Unified School District to inspire our students to ensure they achieve equity in academic excellence and to bring students closer together through shared experiences in learning.  We believe the cultural diversity of our community and our youth are our greatest assets.  We endeavor to bring our students to their fullest potential and to create lifelong learners who will contribute positively to the world.

AnnanThe Froebel School

All classes have their own froebelian growing beds which allows children to be involved in all stages of the growing process from planting to cooking.

Outdoor education is a priority at Annan school, our grounds include a pond, orchard, wild area and is surrounded by woods where children go each week to forest school.

These spaces are an integral part of the everyday life of the school and provide places where children can work and play and develop a deep appreciation of the natural world.

L' Orto in Campania

L'Orto in Campania is an educative garden of six hundreds square meters near Naples, Italy founded in 2011.

From the beginning it collaborates with Slow Food (Education Department) and it hosted the Yale Soustainble Food Project and the Rome SFP to held workshops together. 

Alice Waters visited us in 2013

MariLark Farms CSBanks

I am launching a seed movement with the spring 2018 unveiling of my Community Seed Bank (CSB) initiative in the Berkeley Hills! My aim is to build community one seed at a time, to educate the community about seed saving, biodiversity, soil health and much more. I am a member of SeedSavers Exchange @ and have worked with them over the past few years to build a network and to hoist our annual tomato tasting. This has grown each year with this year being our sixth annual event. 

Community Harvest Project

Community Harvest Project is a non-profit farm in North Grafton whose mission is to create healthy and engaged communities through volunteer farming and nutrition education for those who are experiencing food insecurity. In addition to our volunteer program, we operate nutrition education programs to teach healthy eating habits to the next generation, and leadership programs to create community ambassadors for hunger. For the past five years we have run a successful nutrition program, Sprouting Minds, that includes field trips, classroom visits, and hands-on cooking classes.

Golden Chameleon Garden

We are the Golden Chameleon Garden, a name created and chosen by the students of Central Park Elementary School. We are new and growing community. Central Park Elementary welcomed students for the first time in August 2016. Central Park Elementary is a public K-5, neighborhood school in the Santa Clara Unified School District.

Northern Light School

Northern Light School's mission is to provide a high quality education for children from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. The faculty and staff create an atmosphere where every child can grow academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, to become healthy, productive members of their families and communities.

Campus Sustentable

Campus sustentable y saludable

The name of this project is “Sustainable and healthy campus” or “campus sustentable y saludable” in Spanish.

According to Mexican Federation of diabetes (FMD), the combined prevalence of overweight and obesity is of 71.28%, (48.6 million people), this means that 7 of every 10 Mexicans are overweight or obese. For this reason, we were looking the way that our students eat in the healthy way, and for the other hand our campus is located into the biggest area of food production in Mexico, so, we can not understand how our student eat so bad.

Valor Academy Elementary School

I work for an amazing charter school called Valor Academy. We are a new school only being in our 2nd year of operation, and this is the very first year of our garden program. We have 5 raised key hole garden beds and a few other raised beds scattered throughout our campus. Our campus primarily services Latino students in a majority of economically under served areas. Our campus currently serves TK-2nd grade and will be adding a new grade every year as we grow. I currently teach gardening and cooking and would love to create a bridge between the two.


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