Garden Classrooms

Winn Elementary School Garden

Our garden is just starting out, but will eventually consist of 10 edible vegetable and herb beds, and 2 beds of flowering natives to attract pollinators and provide habitat.

Seed to Fibre

Seed to Fibre is a program that was developed as an activity for Farm to School Month. The Seed to Fibre program grew from an activity into a service project to be used by various non- profits to introduce activities to schools and out of school programs about Farm to School Services and how to implement Farm to School Services into curriculums, classrooms, and creative use spaces.



Crescent School Garden

We started our school garden in 2015 after we received our first Ocean Guardian School Grant from NOAA and National Marine Sanctuaries.  

Student in PreK through high school get to participate in growing, learning, and harvesting in our garden. We are working towards getting more of our garden produce in the cafeteria.

Our website is:

Sabot At Stony Point's GROW - The Community Garden Project

Sabot at Stony Point's GROW - The Community Garden Project is a working garden where children Preschool - 8th grade from Sabot or the Greater Richmond Community can work with our GROW team doing all the work in the garden. We bring our emerging curriculum into the garden. All decisions and plans are made with the kids. As a group we do all the the work in the garden including building beds, planting, harvesting, etc. We have grown from 2 raised beds to 16 4' by 8' beds full of vegetables, fruits and flowers. We take advantage of Richmond's temperate climate and garden year round.

Seattle Seed Fundraising

Our fundraising program is a healthy, exciting way to raise money for your school or organization.  It teaches basic business principles to our youth, and helps spread the message of living sustainably throughout your community.  You can be up and running with our fundraiser in almost no time, and your profits are higher than almost any other fundraiser available.  Raise money while delivering something healthy to your participants.  GO ORGANIC!

The Edible School Yard of Berat- The Castle Garden

Mission Statement : The Castle Garden will be a living interactive classroom where students from “22 Tetori” 9 Vejçare will learn all aspects of growing, harvesting and eating fresh produce to improve their health and increase their appreciation for the agricultural traditions of the Region and Municipality of Berat.

Seashore Middle Academy

SMA Gardening Club is a group that meets weekly to maintain a school garden.  It is student lead and maintained.  The students are responsible for planting, weeding, watering, tilling, and any other necessary tasks in the garden.  The produce grown in the garden is harvested and sold at the local farmer’s market.  The profit made at the local farmer’s market is placed back into the program.  

Lincoln Middle School Seed to Table Program

Small groups of students are pulled out of the Outdoor Development Class and the Environmental Science class to spend time with the Seed to Table teacher, Lorri Garrett. They plant, grow, harvest, cook and eat organic produce. Being on the estuary, Lincoln Middle School applied to be an Ocean's Guardian School and has been growing Marsh Gumplant to help restore the waterfront. The students also learn how to make seed balls with native wildflower seeds. 

Edison Elementary Garden Program

Each student at Edison Elementary visits the garden once a month with their class. Lessons are taught by Lorri Garrett and are grade appropriate covering science, nutrition, gardening, and cooking. Simple recipes like salsa, pesto, salad and cheesy chard are made in the garden with the students. 


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