Kitchen Classrooms

Juanita High School

Our school is being rebuilt so we are starting from scratch to build an Urban Gardening program. We want students to understand the future depends on caring citizens making environmentally sound decisions so we will start with one little classroom at a time.

Burbank Urban Garden

Our goal is to inspire and engage youth at Luther Burbank HS to pursue futures in sustainable agriculture, food and natural resource management and create a hub of healthy community in south Sacramento.

Sanctuary Garden at Newark High School

We learn to care for the earth, and in turn learn to care for each other and even our own selves. We focus on soil regeneration, the use of compost in the garden, and the creation of herbal remedies.

Berkeley Unified School District Gardening and Cooking Program

The Berkeley Public School Gardening and Cooking Program engages students with hands-on instruction in the garden. As part of the 2020 Vision and the District’s Integrated Wellness Policy, the Program is woven into student life District-wide to ensure the academic, physical, emotional, and health development of all students to affect three main areas of student learning from preschool through high school:

Academic Achievement:

Oxnard Union High School District Farm to School

Our Farm to School Program is designed for the students, by our students. Our mission is to ensure that students have access to good quality, fresh, and locally grown produce each day. We serve 17,000 high school students in Oxnard and Camarillo through 8 schools.

Horizonte Corporativo

Program started in 1 school, 50 students in 2013

Now is working in 18 schools, 4000+ students in Casma and Ica, Peru

Main objectives are environmental education, nutrition and pedagogy. By teaching organic agriculture, we try to make fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables available to kids, and the school orchard is a powerful tool for making pedagogy


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