Kitchen Classrooms

Pomegranate Schools Creative Lab

Hello from Pomegranate Schools! Our facilities deliver life-relevant, purpose-driven education through Creative Arts and Technology. We are influenced by the Reggio method and the natural world/natural objects and wish to highlight the beauty of the world around us.

Americorps/Coupeville Farm to School

The purpose of the Coupeville School Gardens is to support learning, inspire creativity, and promote the health of our students.Through our programs, from the time they are in kindergarten, students are learning about the uniqueness of their community and are given the education to participate and contribute to its preservation and development.The School Gardens Proposal  is an immense source of information about who we are, our community, as well as our short and long term goals. 

Little Parrot Farm

Little Parrot Farm uses organic agricultural practices while producing quality and nutritious crops and products, and hopes to educate and unite the community behind the cause to achieve sustainability, harmony with nature, and compassion for all living beings.  For children, we run school field trips to bridge the gap between farm to table and help them nurture care as they come to see and feed farm animals.

Summa International Schools

Summa International Schools (SIS) is an education management organization that specializes in ​personalized learning implementation that is inclusive of all learners.  We believe in practitioner-based leadership that models instructional expectations in the classroom, with proven results.  Schools that serve diverse student bodies require highly skilled leadership, and here at SIS, we recruit and retain strong professionals who care deeply about the quality of their work. 

Aprender a comer

Obesity and overweight in Mexico are a public health problem directly related to conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, alterations cardiac, neurological, renal, spinal and joint deformation. It is possible to work with these diseases from an early age from the incorporation of recreational strategies of learning about "good eating", which implies the incorporation of foods from each group nutritional, that is, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables, legumes, dairy products and sugars.

Step One School

I consider myself an educator, a chef with a farm-to-table philosophy, and a play advocate. I teach mindfully and compassionately, and encouraged children to explore all that surrounds them.

When it comes to our outdoor classroom, I am passionate about keeping it exciting and enticing and a space for everyone. Whether the children need time to decompress, time to explore, or time to learn to be gentle; The outdoor experience and garden space can be all of that and so much more.

Donaldson Way: Growing and Learning in the Garden

Our mission is to create a balance between technology and connection to the earth.  The focus of our program is duel.  The importance of knowing how our food grows and the availability of time and space to engage with learning in an outdoor environment.  Our school is part of a larger group known as New Technology Network and we incorporate use of technology and project based learning in our classrooms grades K-5.  We are building a garden and outdoor classroom aimed at supporting these projects and teachers in a way that creates hands on, real world opportunies for our students.

Pacific Grove High School Culinary Arts Program

I am applying on behalf of all of the students in the Pacific Grove Unified School District, through my ProStart Culinary Arts Pathway -- a 4-year Career Technical Program aligned with the National Restaurant Association -- at Pacific Grove High School.  The goal of my school and my department is to enrich curriculum and broaden student exposure to career options by building career technical pathways.  Our pathways currently include Fine Art, Photography, Sports Medicine, Culinary Arts, and Computer Science.

Whittle School and Studios

Our hopes are high, and by them we are bound together.

We are creating an extraordinary and unique school, the first truly modern institution serving children from age three to 18 and the first global one. We want to change for the better the lives of those students who attend and, beyond our own campuses, contribute to the cause of education on every continent. We measure our merit not through the narrowness of exclusivity but through the breadth of our impact.

Una escuela de colores México

Una escuela de colores aims to connect with food to children and adults in a positive way. We believe that the game is one of the essential tools for the educational process, that is why we work from a vision where self discovery, free play, philosophy for children, attentive listening are fundamental for the development of our programs. Biodiversity is a fundamental part of our program. Mexico has very serious health problems and also has a great opportunity from our identity and gastronomy that we seek to rescue and show to the new generation.


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