Kitchen Classrooms

Montgomery Middle STEAM Magnet - Health and Wellness Program

Our Purpose and Focus:
Educating and Empowering our Students to recognize that being HEALTHY is a choice. To truly be healthy you must recognize the important connections between your mind, your body, and your consciousness. Giving students the tools to be in charge of their personal health and wellbeing will increase academic success and prepare them to lead healthy lifestyles as adults.

The Green Bean Day School and Nursery

Early childhood, 0-6 day school & nursery. Reggio Emilia influenced with a side of a Waldorf farm camp experience.

Echo Canyon School Garden

Echo Canyon School Gardens are part of Echo Canyon School in Scottsdale Arizona. Our school utilizes the school gardens to foster the academic, social and emotional well being of our students though a wide variety of hands-on, experiential learning experiences.


Aliveschool serves approximately 1600 children in two San Juan area schools: Saint John’s and Baldwin School respectively. Our cafeteria services’ mission is simple: to provide good, healthy food that tastes great. Through our kitchen classrooms we can create connections between a finished plate and its origin with the use of our small gardens that students help build, tend and harvest themselves. The finished products have also been used in our cooking classes as well as cafeteria offerings throughout the school year. 

Haver til Maver

Haver til Maver (Gardens to bellies) offers a hands-on culinary organic school garden classroom. During 8 modules (during the growing season (April-October) the students are engaged in activities that stimulate all their senses and learning abilities. 

As an NGO we work to ensure that all Danish children will get a chance to have a school garden in their life. Currently there are more than 60 school garden initiatives around Denmark based on the values and principles of a Haver til Maver school garden.

Omihachiman City BOE

We develop friendship through food cultivation, preparation and eating.

Akasa Community Outreach

Akasa Community Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides a diversified wellness curriculum to low-income communities throughout Los Angeles. Through our program, students ages 7 to 18 and parents learn about the process of growing, harvesting, sourcing and cooking food to make informed choices about their overall health and wellness. With an eye toward demonstrating the impact of our work, and building a replicable model for other communities, Akasa aims to evaluate our programs on the students and parents it serves.

Garden Farms Foundation

Garden Farms Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, dedicated to enhancing garden programming in various underserved communities as well as schools from Pre-K through college campuses all across the Las Vegas valley. We work to enrich our community with farm-to-table events, educational curriculum, environmental awareness, art integration, nutrition education, farmers markets, produce donations and more. This, paired with hands-on garden lessons, provides the people of today access to the food security of tomorrow. 

Agricultural Arts at Brooksville Elementary School

Agricultural Arts is an exciting new program at Brooksville Elementary School in which all students get one period a week of gardening & culinary education. The class is designed to teach gardening and cooking skills through hands-on learning, gives students a role in cultivating our school garden, and explores a range of subjects through an agricultural/environmental lens. We let the seasons and the natural world guide our learning. The curriculum has been built from scratch based on available human and ecological resources in our community and student inquiry and interest.

High Tech Elementary North County

High Tech High is guided by four connected design principles - equity, personalization, authentic work, and collaborative deisgn - that set aspirational goals. High Tech High is an equity project. Our school is intentionally diverse and integrated. Teachers work to address inequities and help students reach their full potential. Through a learner-centered, inclusive approach we are able to support and challege each individual sudent. We recognize that idenity growth occur in the context of community, our schools fostere relationships of trust, caring, and mutual respect among students.


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