Kitchen Classrooms

Little City Sprouts

Little City Sprouts is a nutrition education program of Hartford Food System. The program brings nutrition, gardening and cooking education to preschoolers throughout the Hartford area. Currently, the program services over 250 students in 6 schools. 

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Keiki Kitchen Kauai

Our Motto:  Grow, Cook, Eat, Enjoy

Our Purpose:  Teaching the youth of Hawaii how to grow, cook, eat and enjoy sustainable foods grown on our islands through education.

Why should we teach kids about cooking?

Fight against obesity!  In the US and Europe, obesity among children has become problematic, even being called an obesity epidemic by some. Teaching children to cook encompasses such vital information as nutritional content, food preparation, and calorie information.

Dexter Farm to School

To address the needs of student heath and wellness within the Dexter community and connect students to local food and agriculture, The Dexter Farm to School Program was established in 2013. The mission of DFtS is to cultivate improvements in personal and community wellness through making meaningful connections between students, food and local agriculture.  To fulfill this mission statement, the DFtS program includes farm visits, farmer in the classroom presentations, classroom instruction, garden instruction, and cafeteria servings.

Bowie Garden

The Bowie Garden (El Jardin de Bowie) is an educational garden located on the Bowie High School campus where students plant, grow, and harvest.

Check out our Fall 2017 status update and future direction presentation

Portland Community College Rock Creek Learning Garden

The Rock Creek Learning Garden promotes interdisciplinary academic achievement, leadership development and sustainable food systems. The garden provides experiential education and life-long learning opportunities for PCC students, faculty, staff and community members.

Montessori School Of Huntsville

The Montessori School of Huntsville (MSH) educates children to prepare them for a life of purpose, integrity, and academic accomplishment.  We develop independent learners, critical thinkers, and tomorrow’s leaders.   Since 2010, MSH has developed the acreage at our main location into a multi-faceted outdoor classroom. Projects for the outdoor classroom have been funded largely through local grants and parent support.

Huerto Semilla Cucurbitácea/ Kinder Tri-Ciclo

At Tri-Ciclo Kindergarten we are seeking to reduce the gap between children and food, and as a major goal, with the Nature. We present the garden as a place where everything has to be respected and welcome. Where bugs and plants dance together a song about symbiosis, collaboration, respect, patience, sacrifice. The garden is the place where we learn how not only to produce food, but respect each other, is the place where we not just observe, instead we are an active individual. Where we also chop, eat, and share.

Avon High School Garden

Environmental Science classes work with Family and Consumer Science classes to grow organic food and learn about agriculture in the process.

FoodCorps Scotland County

FoodCorps is partnering with NC cooperative extension and Scotland County Schools to offer garden and nutrition education in the county schools.

Black Pine Circle School

Black Pine Circle School (BPC), an independent K-8 school in Berkeley, California, creates lifelong learners through an inquiry-based Socratic education that places equal emphasis on academics and the arts.

BPC's garden program started in 1997 with the hiring of a dedicated garden and landscape worker who expanded her role (and created the garden program) by collaborating with teachers to bring garden and environmental education to the school's students. She also supported the installation of recycling and composting infrastructure around the school. 


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