Your Ingredients
30 Min
Grade Level: 
The ingredients we put into our cooking can sometimes have deep personal meaning behind them. Chances are you already have some ingredients with a special place in your heart. This lesson gives you a chance to reflect on those ingredients. If you are completing the Final Project: Recipes of Meaning, this lesson will prepare you for that project. The Five-Ingredient Recipe involved you choosing ingredients that were easy to find in your house. This time you will find ingredients that are meaningful to you, your family, and your heritage.
Student Learning Goals & Objectives: 
  • Practice reflective thinking and responding.
  • Choose two ingredients that are important to them and create or select a recipe.
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Teaching Notes: 
  • If students are completing this lesson as part of the kitchen curriculum, Cooking with Curiosity: Challenging Perfection with Reflection this lesson is 4.2, the second lesson of Unit 4.
  • Some lesson plans are formatted as a fillable PDF so that students can answer the questions and return the document as if it were a worksheet. We recommend testing this functionality with your technology as it varies by device and operating system. If it does not work for you, consider using a google form or having students answer the questions in a new document and submitting their answers to you that way.