Cooking With Curiosity: Unit 4

The Cooking with Curiosity curriculum is written for both distance and in person learning. It is designed to introduce students to cooking skills while building reflection practices so that they can cook confidently on their own terms. This 16-week distance learning curriculum equips students with the tools to grow their confidence, abilities, and investment in the kitchen while helping them to investigate their personal connections to foods and cooking. We provide skills videos and choice-based recipes to build students’ kitchen skills and integrate reflective practices throughout the learning process.

This short final unit introduces sets students up for their final project of researching and cooking a recipe with ingredients that are important to them or their familes. If this final project students practice the kitchen techniques they've learned through the curriculum and utilize their reflection practices to debrief the project and their cumulative experience.

FULL CURRICULUM OVERVIEW  Unit 4 Scope and Sequence

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In the fall of 2020, Edible Ed at Home co-designers Raquel Vigil and Nick Lee hosted two webinars to support educators in applying the Cooking with Curiosty curriculum in their teaching practice. View the webinars here.

No. Lesson Location Grade Key Concepts
1 Five-Ingredient Recipe Distance Learning, Indoor Classroom, Kitchen Classroom 6 – 8, 9 – 12 Researching Recipes
2 Your Ingredients Distance Learning, Indoor Classroom, Kitchen Classroom 6 – 8, 9 – 12 Connecting Food and Heritage, Meaning-making
3 Final Project: Recipes of Meaning Distance Learning, Indoor Classroom, Kitchen Classroom 6 – 8, 9 – 12, Whole Family Researching Recipes, Connecting Food and Heritage, Meaning-making, Reflective Thinking, Self-assessment