Garden Classrooms

Garden Oaks Montessori

 Garden Oaks Elementary is a magnet Montessori with Environmental Science. The Sunshine Community Garden is Garden Oaks outdoor classroom where students engage in project based learning in cultivating fruits, vegetables and flowers. The school's outdoor classroom includes many garden areas including orchards, butterfly gardens, pond and wetlands to foster future environmental stewards.



Greene County Career Center Gardens

This will be a communty service garden providing food to our local womens/homeless shelter.

Edwin Brown Education Center

 We are a program that serves "special populations" students who are at-risk behaviorally and/or of dropping out of school.

We have created a 10,000sq. ft. organic food garden and are going into our 3rd season of production.  We are looking for ways to learn more about incorporating the project into the clasroom, building more community based support and creating long term sustainability.

Fairfield Woods Library Seed to Seed Library

Nancy Coriarty - Library Coordinator

Our goal: To have every household in Fairfield plant a garden.
We are committed to increasing community awareness of the benefits of gardening and saving seeds through education that will foster community resilience, self-reliance and a culture of sharing.

Fairfield School Gardens

We are a collection of school gardens in the Fairfield Public School System.16 of our 17 schools, grades k -12, have organic school gardens of various sizes. Gardens are used for extending classroom lessons and after school clubs. We are just starting to have some of what we grow used in the school cafeterias. We fall under the Fuel for Learning Partnership, PTA Council program,of parent & teacher advocates for improved school lunch and organic school gardens.

Harrys Happy Earth Gardens

Happy Earth

Specializing in custom hand built gardens for the discerning cook and the ecologically aware.


Organic Edible Gardens for your home.

Family Farm School educational program SUPER FUN PROGRAM FOR KIDS

get healthy and know what you eat

create your own sanctuary for yourself and naturehelp yourself, yor family and your world

Keep on spreading the word about self reliance.

I will be handing out seeds and answering questions to make peoples gardens grow.


Van Avery Prep Middle School

Van Avery Prep is a fully accredited private preparatory school located in Temecula.   We provide an advanced curriculum meeting the needs of every student grades Kindergarten through 8th. All our teachers are University graduates, dedicated to our philosophy of providing the best programs and environment to achieve excellence in education, fostering independence and promoting leadership qualities in every student. 

Valley Montessori School Edible Schoolyard

Valley Montessori School in Livermore California is excited to begin an Edible Schoolyard Project! Our school of 480 students is located on 6 acres of  rolling land.

The Learning Tree: Rooted in the Arts

 The Learning Tree is a private alternative school   founded by Sharon Tiner, teacher and visionary. To date it has operated as a summer school with components of Art in the Garden, Art in the Kitchen and Art in the curriculum.  Staff of the Learning Tree visited the Edible Garden in 2010 and find the intentions and goals to be complementary.   We would be interested in being a possible model site in the greater Sacramento area.

The facility has been established and is being groomed to serve upper elementary students who want to learn in a creative and loving environment.

The Garden Preschool

The Garden Preschool will serve children and their families in economically and nutritionally challenged communities.

The Garden Preschool will work closely with children and their families to introduce them to the benefits of being involved with nature and growing their own food.

The Garden Preschool will teach children and their families how to prepare nutritious vegetable based meals.  Families will learn the correlation between healthy eating and optimal health and wellness; thus thwarting the incidence of diet related diseases.


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