Garden Classrooms

The Garden Preschool

The Garden Preschool will serve children and their families in economically and nutritionally challenged communities.

The Garden Preschool will work closely with children and their families to introduce them to the benefits of being involved with nature and growing their own food.

The Garden Preschool will teach children and their families how to prepare nutritious vegetable based meals.  Families will learn the correlation between healthy eating and optimal health and wellness; thus thwarting the incidence of diet related diseases.

Port Houston Elementary

 Partner site of after- school garden classes by Urban Harvest in partnership with the Co-operative for After-School Enrichment and 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Utilized by  teachers and headed by the science teaacher as an outdoor classroom and school community garden. 

Park Place Elementary

 The organic school community garden and orchard is the Outdoor classroom for after school kids! Growing, tasting and preparing is the after school curriculum.  As well exploration of  our food systems and how far our food travels to our plate. After-school gardening is generously underwritten by the Coorperative for After-School Initiative grant. 

See our summer school project on Prezi:

Bonham Elementary

 Partner site of after- school garden classes by Urban Harvest for Bonham's 21st Century Community Learning Center. Utilized by classroom teachers as an outdoor classroom and nature center. 

Sacramento COE Sustainable Environment Program

We are a public school program, run by Sacramento County Office of Education, serving youth with emotional and behavioral difficulties who cannot be served by their home schools/ districts.  A major part of our emphasis is to better prepare these students to move from school to the adult world.  One of our innovative programs is the "Sustainable Environments Academy", a grouping of high school students who help develop a school-based garden which supports our restaurant, our Farmer's Market, and our community service projects.

Urban Harvest Gardening Education

Urban Harvest promotes healthy communities, sound nutrition and respect for the environment by educating children and adults and facilitating harvest and habitat gardens.

 We support a network of school community gardens in the Houston area, as well as a partnering with nearly 20 schools sites to provide Garden Educators and community partnerships in Edible Education.


Lavender, Joe-Pye and Bumblebees

 I am the environmental science coordinator at my school and want to expand the organic garden we started last year.  Two classes participated, including my own (I am also a fourth-grade classroom teacher).  This year, I am attempting to inspire more teachers to get involved.  We have parental and community support for our endeavors and so I anticipate greater involvement from our teachers this year.  

Kidz-R-Brite At The Farm Gardening Program

I have two preschool/daycares and have an organic garden at both locations in Ladysmith, BC, Canada.  We just purchased the second location last year and we have 2 1/2 acres to work with.  Lots of space to grow fruits and vegetables.  I am searching for more ideas on expanding our current gardens so that we can be more self-sustaining in growing food for both personal and staff and also for the families that attend our school.  I am so excited about your program; its awesome.  We all are so keen to learn new gardening techniques.  I thank you so much for offering such a wonderful program to


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