Lower Elementary

Peres Elementary School

Peres Elementary School serves a diverse population.  76% of the population is made up of Hispanic or Latino students; 19.3% is Black or African American; 2.6% is Asian; 0.9% is White; 0.6% is Filipino; 0.6% is two or more races; 0.2% is Native Hawaiian or Island Pacific.  99.6% of our student population is socioeconomically disadvantaged.  We service 59.9% English Language Learners and 11.8% students with disabilities.

Meadowbrook Waldorf School

The Meadowbrook Waldorf School offers Waldorf education to children in pre-kindergarten through Grade 8, with additional programs for younger children and their caregivers.Our beautiful campus has 28 acres of woods, streams and magical glades for exploration and play.

Natomas Unified School District

Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) Nutrition Services' mission is to educate and to enable our nutrition service staff to provide healthy meals to the students and the community which nurtures an environment where our guest achieve overall wellness and lifelong success. 

Manzano Day School

Manzano Day School is a private elementary school located in an urban area of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our school serves 460 students in PreK through 5th grade. Our student body includes 45% children of color. Manzano Day School is dedicated to innovative, child-centered education, excellence in teaching, and joy in learning to prepare children for a life of discovery and community involvement in our diverse world. 

CHC Program

The CHC program is designed to make nutrition the basis of a healthy life for children and families. The emphasis on culinary medicine allows children and families to be part of a program that touches all aspects of their lives. These are low income families with language difficulties in addition to their economic, social and health problems. Our health coaches and communitiy health workers assist families to access healthy food, learn to cook and budget so that  these skills become part of their daily lives.

Villa Montessori School

Middle School Mission statement:

Where we, the students, parents, and teachers, commit to create a holistic, developmentally responsive, learning community that protects, supports and empowers the early adolescent on his or her quest for identity, autonomy, and interdependence. We honor and uphold the Villa Vision to live as joyful contributors to society, compassionate global citizens, and committed caretakers of the earth.


Villa seeks to be a model Montessori learning community, fostering the unlimited potential that lies within each of us.

Food Service of the Uruguayan American School

The Uruguayan American School (UAS) is a private college preparatory school enrolling approximately 320 international and host country students in Nursery through Grade 12.
My job here as a School Nutritionist is to partner with the outsourced food service provider to ensure a nutritionally sound food program that supports healthy food habits while maintaining customer satisfaction. Our mission is to offer fresh, seasonal and local market cuisine.
Lunches and snacks are prepared according to our law N° 19.140, which promotes healthy eating habits in schools.

The Anneliese Schools

One of the unique aspects of an education at Anneliese School’s is that all students, pre-school through 6th grade, receive garden instruction. Our garden program engages children’s minds, spirits, and bodily senses through the activities of gardening, cooking, and eating. In the process, they are educated as thoughtful, responsible citizens of planet earth.

Cliff Spenger

I have been performing as the Greenman (a12 foot tall walking Treeman that promotes trees and nature) for 20years.

i have a character, Johnny G Appletree, who is a nine foot tall walking talking Appletreeman. He has performed at schools in Okinawa, Inner Mongolia and Oakland CA.

I want to create a school program for him to promote edible school yards.

My goal by attending the Edible School Yard academy is to form the basis for my program.

Osborn School District

Established in 1879, the Osborn School District (OSD) is a high-achieving, urban public school district serving 3,000 students in downtown Phoenix, a city full of growth and opportunity. OSD has four elementary schools that feed into one middle school. We are enriched by students, parents and staff who are culturally and linguistically diverse, representing 46 countries and 36 languages. Our student population identifies as 65% Latino, 12% African American, 10% White, 7% Native American, 3% Asian and 3% two or more races.


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