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Davis Farm to School

Founded in 2000, Davis Farm to School (DF2S) supports the Davis Joint Unified School District in their goals to provide farm and garden-based education, farm fresh foods in school meals, and to reduce solid waste through recycling and composting programs. In addition to our work with schools, we bring our message to the larger Davis community through community events and our close association with the Davis Farmers Market.

Local Food Alliance

Local Food Alliance (LFA) is a backbone organization - we coordinate and facilitate existing programs, organizations and efforts that share the goal of a resilient local food system. A key and critical component towards that end is farm to school food, not only for student health, self-esteem and performance (academic and athletic), but also for its positive impact upon community and local econonomy and the values it instills in our school children.

Full Circle Education

Our Mission: to enrich lives and build sustainable communities through hands-on experiences in gardens, farms and wild places. 

Growing Healthy Kids, Inc

Growing Healtlhy Kids, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Vero Beach, Florida which began in 2009 and has expanded to include an office in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Our mission is to improve health literacy and halt, reverse, and prevent childhood obesity and obesity-related diseases.  We believe that connecting children with farms and farmers teaches kids to respect food and the people who work hard to grow it.  When kids respect where their food comes from, they learn to respect themselves and how to make healthy choices about food for the rest of their lives.  

Sonoma School Garden Project

With a high perscentage of our school population being English learners and students on free or reduced lunches, we strive to help students learn where food comes from, how to grow it, how to prepare it, eat healthfully, feed their families healthy food, strive for good health and learning, and how to share what they learn and what they grow with others. We also introduce students to foods and vegetables new to them and their families.

Sustainable Schools

The project Strengthening School Feeding Programs in the LAC Countries was created, aimed at strengthening the school feeding programs (SFP) in the region, through the implementation of sustainable SFP.

North Valley Slow Food Group

Our North Valley Chapter of the Slow Food Coalition is in its infancy but our organization should have final national approval by March 38, 2017. Our mission is to cultivate community awareness and, specifically, to support school and community gardens, edible education and promote good, clean and fair food for all. Our program serves the diverse local community of Butte County including farmers, ranchers, university students and staff, elementary and secondary students and teachers as well as a transient population who call this area home.

Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation 'ĀINA in Schools Program

The ʻĀINA in Schools program, one of three initiatives housed in the non-profit Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation, is a Farm to School program that connects children to their local land, waters, and food to grow a healthier Hawaiʻi. The program includes a K-6 curriculum with garden, nutrition, and composting education components. Led by volunteer docents from the parent and school community, ʻĀINA lessons occur on a monthly basis for a total of 8, hands-on lessons with fresh, and healthy taste tests accompanying most lessons.

EAE: Edible Schoolyard Project

Our Edible Schoolyard: Cultivating, Collaborating, Captivating & Sustaining the Community

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Monmouth County - School Programs Committee

Rutgers Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and certified by Rutgers Cooperative Extension to provide educational programs and activities in support of environmentally responsible gardening.  The group is dedicated to education, outreach, and suport.


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