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Farm Based, Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, Support Organization
Grade Level/Age Group: 
Lower Elementary, Adults/Professionals
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About the Program: 

Mangia FA Studio is a small but active social enterprise aims to support schools, local governments and Non Profit Organizations who are keen to start school gardens, planning lessons and community events. We supports those practitioners with teaching materials and hands-on teacher training workshops such as, farm calendar that follows school curriculum, insects’ index in ecological farm or rice/sugar/honey tasting workshop…etc. So far, our team has worked with 2 NPOs, 4 local governments and more than 10 elementary schools in Taiwan.

NATURE/GARDEN/KITCHEN are 3 key elements in our program. Oure team ctreate indoor and outdoor lessons by weaving these elements together. We plan lessons in an annual base, following the order of garden growing and season changing.

Mangia beleves all edible education should not be limited only on campus therefore we invites parents' participation. Parents join family theme lessons such "cook for your family" or weekend farmers' market shopping tour, sometimes parents serve as volunteer assistants as well. 

Our vision is to create an edible education that include "farmland ecology to cultural tast."

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