Recommended Reading

Published: July 23, 2015
PBS NewsHour
Alice Waters shares her vision for edible education in the latest edition of the Brief but Spectacular interview series. 
Published: July 20, 2015
Daily Inter Lake
Montana State University begins a study of local districts' beef-to-schools program. (Photo: dane brian via Flickr) 
Published: July 19, 2015
Wisconsin Clearinghouse
A collection of case studies and strategies gathered from farm to school efforts in 14 Wisconsin communities. (Photo: USDAgov via Flickr)
Published: July 10, 2015
An infographic, created by the National Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture, outlines CNR's path through Congress. 
Published: July 1, 2015
Edible Manhattan
New York's Lenox Hill Hospital grows a rooftop garden. (Photo: Daniel Case via Wikimedia Commons) 
Published: June 30, 2015
The Lunch Tray
A roundup of the latest Child Nutrition Reauthorization news from Captiol Hill. (Photo: Architect of the Capitol, Public Domain) 
Published: June 29, 2015
Inside School Food
A podcast highlights the potential impact of the Farm to School Act and how advocates can help support the bill. (Photo: USDAgov via Flickr) 
Published: June 18, 2015
Civil Eats
55 young chefs from are invited to attend the 2015 Kids' State Dinner.  (Photo: USDAgov via Flickr) 
Published: June 16, 2015
The Atlantic
A new study finds that vegetation around schools cuts down on air pollution and boosts memory and attention.
Published: June 16, 2015
U.S. News & World Report
Chef Ann Cooper outlines what's at stake during this year's Child Nutrition Reauthorization. (Photo: Chef Ann Foundation)