What is Flavor?
20 - 30 min
Grade Level: 
What is taste? What is flavor? There are five essential tastes along with countless more smells that combine to make flavors. Investigating how foods complement each other is important to understanding flavor. Foods have distinct tastes and when those tastes are combined with other tastes, different flavors are created. In this lesson, you will explore the five tastes and learn about the relationship between taste and flavor.
Student Learning Goals & Objectives: 
  • Know the basic components of flavor.
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Teaching Notes: 
  • If students are completing this lesson as part of the kitchen curriculum Cooking with Curiosity: Challenging Perfection with Reflection this lesson is 1.8: The eighth lesson of Unit 1.
  • If you are teaching this lesson for distance learning consider using a Padlet when assigning the KWL and reflection questions. A digital platform is a great place for students to share their responses. See our Sharing Toolkit for Teachers for suggestions on platforms for students sharing.
  • For sections that instruct students to READ, you can record yourself reading aloud and send it to students. Direct them to read along with the recording. This is a helpful strategy for differentiating learning that supports all students, especially English Language Learners.
  • Some lesson plans are formatted as a fillable PDF so that students can answer the questions and return the document as if it were a worksheet. We recommend testing this functionality with your technology as it varies by device and operating system. If it does not work for you, consider using a google form or having students answer the questions in a new document and submitting their answers to you that way.