How To: Basic Baking Methods
60 Min

The Edible Schoolyard Project
Berkeley, CA

Do you want to bake with confidence, like the professionals on TV? Do you want to make soft, chewy cookies and flaky, tender biscuits? Baking techniques are key to achieving the right textures and flavors in baked goods. This lesson will introduce you to a few key skills, including measuring wet and dry ingredients, creaming butter and sugar, and folding to mix gently.
Student Learning Goals & Objectives: 
  • Understand and practice the basics of baking.
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Teaching Notes: 
  • If students are completing this lesson as part of the kitchen curriculum, Cooking with Curiosity: Challenging Perfection with Reflection this lesson is 3.9, the ninth lesson of Unit 3.
  • Measurements and unit conversions are rich with opportunities for math problems. You can develop worksheets and problems in which students need to convert recipes from one measurement to another or even re-scale an entire recipe to adjust for a mistake in measuring.
  • For sections that instruct students to READ, you can record yourself reading aloud and send it to students. Direct them to read along with the recording. This is a helpful strategy for differentiating learning that supports all students, especially English Language Learners.
  • Some lesson plans are formatted as a fillable PDF so that students can answer the questions and return the document as if it were a worksheet. We recommend testing this functionality with your technology as it varies by device and operating system. If it does not work for you, consider using a google form or having students answer the questions in a new document and submitting their answers to you that way.