Sixth Grade Garden Rotation

ESY Berkeley Teaching Staff
Edible Schoolyard Project
Berkeley, CA

6th Grade

Sixth graders at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California, receive ten lessons in the garden. Their garden experience begins with orienting students to the space and teaching them fundamental gardening skills. They then explore a number of garden-related subjects, including decomposition, flower biology, pollinators, and more.

No. Lesson Location Grade Key Concepts
1 Respect in the Garden Indoor Classroom Grade 6 Classroom Culture, Garden Orientation, Behavioral Expectations
2 Card Hike Garden Classroom Grade 6 Garden Orientation, Observation, Garden Names
3 Compost Lab Garden Classroom Grade 6 Decomposition Compost, Living Soil
4 Bees Garden Classroom Grade 6 Bees, Safety, Pollinators, Honey
5 Greenhouse Lab Garden Classroom Grade 6 Climate Change, Greenhouse
6 Apple Cider Garden Classroom Grade 6 Seasonality, Harvesting, Teamwork
No. Lesson Location Grade Key Concepts
7 Welcome Back Lesson Garden Classroom Grade 6 Respect, Garden Work, Responsibility
8 Flower Discovery Garden Classroom Grade 6 Structure and Function
9 Ancient Technologies Walk Garden Classroom Grade 6 Ancient Technologies, Teamwork
10 Kale Pesto with Lemonade Garden Classroom Grade 6 Harvesting, Community