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Baton Health

Baton Health is a health improvement delivery company providing education services, namely mentoring and coaching classes, seminars and workshops in the field of evidence-based health improvement and well-being in community.  We believe sound research, shared values and vision, and compassionate as well as joyful action connects people to one another and the shared environment.

Real Food SEED (Student Engagement Every Day)

The Real Food SEED (Student Engagement Every Day) project is designed to provide students with authentic learning opportunities connecting them to real food through sensory experiences.  Our programs in the school cafeteria, classroom, school garden, and local farming community engage students in learning about growing food, eating seasonally and mindfully, and preparing and enjoying meals together.  Our goal is to provide all students with the knowledge and skills to make conscious, educated food choices that will nourish them for a lifetime of health.

Silverlake Elementary Garden

In creating this garden we hope to encourage and involve both the teachers and students and in turn the community in taking part to grow their own food. This garden has the oppurtunity to help several hundred children and adults alike learn about healthy eating and taking care of the envirnoment around us. We are excited to see where this can take us!

Plant The Seed Project

Our mission at Plant The Seed Project is to provide the resources and skills necessary for youth to participate in the global food system. For the past two years we have worked with elementary students in the Barnum neighborhood of Denver which is a USDA recognized food desert. The two schools we work with are both Title I schools, thus the majority of our students come from low income backgrounds. We believe in empowering youth to faciilitate every step of the food production process.

Seattle Seed Fundraiser

Our fundraising program is a healthy, exciting way to raise money for your school or organization.  It teaches basic business principles to our youth, and helps spread the message of living sustainably throughout your community.  Please email Becky to receive our informational packet or if you have any questions at all.  You can be up and running with our fundraiser in almost no time, and your profits are higher than almost any other fundraiser available. Raise money while delivering something healthy to your participants and incorporate gardening education in the classroom.

PEAS - Partners for Education Agriculture and Sustainability

PEAS began in 2011 as a collective of educators, students, parents & community members operating the school and community organic farm at Cunningham Elementary.  Over time the leadership committee realized the need in the community for school and community garden educational support for garden programs and outdoor learning.

Seth Boyden Demonstration School - Strawberry Fields Garden

Seth Boyden Demonstration School created a culture around outdoor education that included its school garden, first installed in 2001. The master plan that was made in 1999 continues to be worked on today as there is an outdoor kitchen complete with a working sink, a small garden classroom, a larger outdoor classroom, performance nooks, habitat gardens and an arboretum. Teachers bring their students outdoors to do hands-on science, messy art projects, math, literature and more. Often classes just come out to work, relax and stretch their bodies.

Pinecrest Elementary "Vegetation Station" School Garden

Pinecrest Elementary received assistance through a "Multigenerational" grant back in 2012.  This small grant gave birth to the school's "Vegetation Station" garden.  From that point, a bigger program, "KidFit" came to life combining nutrition, gardening, health, and fitness together.  The "Vegetation Station" now has six large raised beds, handicapped accessible sidewalks, a watermelon patch, blueberry bushes, bucket gardening, fruit trees, sitting areas, and more.

Willow Oaks Garden

We are a small, but growing group of teachers and students dedicated to learning in the garden.

Centerville Elementary STEAM

This program uses aquaponics and hydroponics as teaching tools for core STEAM subjects like Math, Biology, Chemistry, Art and Engineering. Students study fish, plants and bacteria interactions in a living ecosystem.  They perform water quality tests and measure growth rates in fish and plants

Please check out the following links to see more:

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~Nikki Rupu (STEAM Integration Specialist)


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