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RECREA, Escuela para la Vida, is an educational initiative of the Government of the State of Jalisco that aims to promote health and the integral development of children through socio-emotional skills and healthy lifestyles.

The life skills needed to live are developed throughout life, and this development can be intentional and directed by educational institutions from early stages.

Objective of the Program:


Are mission is to help ever child learn where they are at. be nice to everyone and every thing. The curriculum is use ith the play base learnig. 

Thrive Public Schools

Thrive High School is committed to progressive education, with the following three main areas of emphasis: project-based learning, social-emotional learning, and personalized learning.  We strongly feel that the purpose of our education program is to encourage individual students to recognize their skill sets and to develop relevant skills for a future that is in many ways uncertain and require a strong, but also a flexible and innovative mind.  We would like to continue to develop our food production program in order to build something with our students that has a healthy impact on their f

The Madonna Well-Med Children/Senior Garden

Our goal for our community is to shift the way our children and families see food and are able to access fresh fruits and vegetables. We include healthy activities and exercise. We strongly believe what we put in our bodies affects not only our physical health but our mental health. We envision a Westside with lower rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes through educating the youth about growing food and preparing their harvests for their families. We have been able to successfully supplement 50% of the lunches and snacks via the garden for our community residents.

Indian Township School "Original Gardeners"

    In Passamaquoddy we say thank you as Woliwon.  I open by saying thank you for the opportunity to help further the cause of native food sovereignty and education.   My heart is with the Passamaquoddy tribe and her children. 

Infinite Insight Inc

Infinite Insight Inc invests in residents of rural communities by providing holistic, continuous, and unconventional place-based educational services as a response to persistent poverty and to improve quality of life.

Lopez Island Farm Education Program

The mission of the L.I.F.E. (Lopez Island Farm Education) Program at the Lopez School is to create sustainable local community-based organic farming & gardening experiences that are wholly integrated into the Lopez Island School District K-12 curriculum & cafeteria to promote individual, community and environmental health.

The L.I.F.E. Program helps students build an appreciation for nature, nutrition, community, land stewardship, and the environment.

Upland Unified School District Nutrition Services

The Upland Unified (UUSD) Nutrition Services Program works to create a healthier environment for UUSD students and all children in the city of Upland. A district- wide belief in a whole child approach fuels initiatives taken by both the Upland Unified School District and Nutrition Services Program. Goals of the Nutrition Services department include developing meals with higher nutritional value, ensuring food security for all students, and increasing nutritional education on campus.

Joseph Sears School

The Joseph Sears School Outdoor Classroom provides students with an outdoor space for hands-on exploration, inquiry, discovery and garden-based learning in all grades K-8 in areas of practical arts, core subjects, social emotional, and health. Surrounded by native plants, butterfly and rain gardens, vegetable and herb beds, fruit bushes and trees, students develop an understanding and curiosity about the natural world. In addition during practical arts classes, students develop an understanding of where our food comes from with the farm-to-table concept - plant, harvest, eat (and enjoy!).

Schoolwide Community Farm & Garden-Chinese International School

The Chinese International School Community Farm and Garden (hereafter CISFarm) project was hatched in May 2018. The Farm became a reality in Septmeber 2018! 

CISFarm: 3500 sq feet farm built on government leased land adjacent to our campus.

CISFarm seeks to give our urbanized students the opportunity to understand their food origin-how and where it is grown. With few farmers markets or open green spaces to touch, feel, explore, this Farm hopes to fill this void: teach life cycle of plants, insects, fruit, and eventually death and rebirth (composting).


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