Tasting the Seasons
Grade Level: 
Seeking out the best tasting produce can be a source of inspiration and connection for consumers, growers, and chefs. In many cases, the search for delicious flavors is a main motivator behind peoples’ decisions to buy, grow, or cook with organic and sustainably produced food. In this lesson, students explore ideas of taste, flavor, seasonality, and eating locally through activities that encourage them to notice and savor food.
Guiding Questions
  • What do you think is the relationship between local food and seasonality?
  • How does seasonality influence the taste of fruits and vegetables?
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Teaching Notes: 
  • The lesson What is Flavor? is a great preparatory lesson for this lesson.
  • This lesson integrates activities from various lessons developed by the
  • Edible Schoolyard Project. We recommend looking through the links provided to find the various instructions, materials, and worksheets needed to complete the activities of this lesson.
  • This lesson opens with a mindful eating activity audio recording that prompts students to taste a strawberry or any small fruit. If you are not able to play the recording, we encourage you to lead students through the activity yourself.
  • This lesson includes an excerpt from an article. You can assign the reading, read the excerpt aloud, or pull-out talking points to set up the discussion.
  • For the “DISCUSS” sections, we recommend that you review the questions beforehand to prepare to lead the discussions. See Facilitating Open Discussions for more tips on leading open discussions.
  • This lesson was developed for Edible Schoolyard Project’s Understanding Organic curriculum and is part of the extension inquiries.