Infographic on Organic
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The Edible Schoolyard Project
Berkeley, CA

This infographic was developed for the curriculum and incorporates statistics and basic information on Organic. The infographic also details quotes from discussions with individuals in the field of organic farming.
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  • The infographic on Organic is part of the Understanding Organic curriculum.
  • Two lessons of the Understanding Organic Curriculum utilize the infographic in key activities in the lesson: 
    • What is Organic?: In this lesson, students will explore and discuss their understanding of what organic is and what it represents to them.
    • Exploring Organic Certification: In this lesson, students will read texts on organic certifications and conduct research on various standards of organic certifications. Students will review an infographic on Organic, answer questions, and engage with further readings. 
  • Thank you, also, to the curriculum advisors whose wisdom and expertise offered so many important insights to the Understanding Organic curriculum and infographic: Yousef Buzayan, Wendy Johnson, Craig McNamara, Matthew Raiford, Kathleen Merigan, Patricia Miller, and Alice Waters.
  • This infographic was designed by Grace Stees. 
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