Exploring Organic Certification
Grade Level: 
In this lesson, students will read texts on organic certifications and conduct research on various standards of organic certifications. Students will review an infographic on Organic, answer questions, and engage with further readings.
Guiding Questions
  • What are the requirements for organic certification?
Teaching Notes: 
  • An optional part of this lesson utilizes a report prepared by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). The reading level of the brief might be a little advanced for a middle school audience. However, it's a good resource that might generate productive conversations. Instead of assigning the document as a reading, consider leading students through a conversation on the topics explored.
  • The “READ” sections of this lesson plan can be used as talking points or a script to introduce activities. Please note, these sections simply provide brief introductions to the topics. We recommend using your experiences to add more information and context to the topics being covered.
  • This lesson was developed for Edible Schoolyard Project’s Understanding Organic curriculum and is part of the extension inquiries.