How to: Use QR Codes

The Edible Schoolyard Project
Berkeley, CA

QR codes can be a useful tool for facilitating creative and exploratory activities, both in person and remotely. This document outlines the steps for creating QR codes to support your virtual classroom and offers suggestions for which activities QR codes can support.
What is a QR Code?

QR codes are images that can be scanned with smartphone cameras to open links. To scan a QR code, simply open a phone’s camera app and focus it on the QR code until a link pops up at the top of your screen. Click the link to navigate to the page. QR codes allow you and your students to avoid typing in complex or long URLs. They are much quicker and can reduce frustration caused by typos when entering web addresses.

QR codes tend to work best on paper print-outs, but they also can be displayed in a PowerPoint slide, a shared document, or via screen share in a synchronous video call.