Create Your Own: Quick Organic Pickles
Place of Learning: 
Distance Learning
Kitchen Classroom
60 Min
Grade Level: 
6 – 8
9 – 12

The Edible Schoolyard Project
Berkeley, CA

Pickles are a delicious snack or accompaniment to many different foods. Pickling – the process of fermenting in a salt brine or using vinegar to preserve and flavor vegetables – is believed to be the oldest method of preserving food and dates back to over 4,000 years old. In this lesson, you will learn one of the many techniques to pickle vegetables.
Student Learning Goals & Objectives: 
  • Understand and practice the process of quick pickling.
  • Make choices in the ingredients of their recipes and reflect on those selections.
Teaching Notes: 
  • See Sharing Toolkit for Teachers to help determine how students will share and which platform they will use. Also see our Sharing What You Made resource for students on how to create voice memos, photo diaries, etc.
  • If students are completing this lesson as part of the kitchen curriculum Cooking with Curiosity: Challenging Perfection with Reflection this lesson is 2.3. The third lesson of Unit 2.
  • For sections that instruct students to READ, you can record yourself reading aloud and send it to students. Direct them to read along with the recording. This is a helpful strategy for differentiating learning that supports all students, especially English Language Learners.