Knife Skills: Knife Safety


Do you want to learn and practice knife skills to improve your cooking? The first step towards that is learning how to work with knives safely. This short lesson will explain a few important practices that help keep you safe as you develop and practice your skills. You’ll watch a short video and then answer a few questions about what you learned in the video. Then you’ll practice what you’ve learned and prepare a simple snack of cut vegetables.

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Before you get started
  • Check in with an adult at home before using a knife.
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Cucumber, bell pepper or celery

Go to to watch Nick from The Edible Schoolyard demonstrate some knife safety practices.

  • List three practices named in the video that keep you safe while working with knives. For example, not cutting towards yourself.
  • Which of the practices feels most important to you?
  • If you were supporting a younger student to use a knife, what would you want to tell them?

Get a knife and cutting board and cut some vegetables into sticks to enjoy as a snack.  Try celery, bell peppers, or cucumbers to start, as they are softer and easier to cut than carrots. Mix up some yogurt sauce to complete your snack.

Student Notes

Now that you have learned some knife safety practices, you are ready to start learning and practicing your skills. Check out these lessons to learn some knife skills!


Edible Schoolyard Project (2020 May, 8). Knife Safety Demonstration. [Video]. Retrieved from

Notes for Teachers and Parents
  • This activity asks students to practice using tools and develop skills in the kitchen
  • This activity supports students in becoming more confident in the kitchen.
  • If your child is not used to using knives, we recommend supervising and supporting them as they develop their skills.
  • Read about supporting students to take age-appropriate risk here.

Authored by Nick Lee