Lower Elementary

Benavidez Community Garden

History of the Benavidez Community Garden

Persistence and perseverance in the face of adversity are, to some degree, fundamental to gardening in general, but, in the case of the Benavidez Community Garden in Houston, Texas, they have been there in spades...no gardening pun intended! :-) 

Travis Co-op

We support local farms and sustainable agriculture by giving our members an easy way to buy a variety of local and organic produce each week at a great price. Everything in our shares is either nationally-certified USDA organic or locally grown with sustainable farming practices by farmers we know. Travis Co-op also helps to foster a sense of community among our members and is a not-for-profit program.

Hogan Family YMCA Children's Garden

We are set to get started fundraising in March for a Kids Garden at the local YMCA.  200+ kids will get to experience digging in the dirt, playing with worms and eating the fruits & veggies of their labor.

Aspen Elementary School Magical Garden

Aspen School District - Aspen Elementary School's Magical Garden - creating a place to teach, learn, enjoy & eat!

Project Sprout

Project Sprout is a student led effort at Monument Mountain Regional High School to cultivate an organic farm on school grounds that: grows vegetables for the cafeterias of the schools in our district, is used as an educational tool by classes from preK-12th grade, and builds connections with the natural world for all of the students in our community.

DC Greens

DC Greens runs garden-based professional development workshops to help teachers maximize the educational and nutritional benefits of their school gardens.  We partner with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education in Washington, D.C. to support school garden teachers across the District of Columbia.  

DC Greens advocates for school gardens as a fully staffed component of all public schools. 

Garden Oaks Montessori

 Garden Oaks Elementary is a magnet Montessori with Environmental Science. The Sunshine Community Garden is Garden Oaks outdoor classroom where students engage in project based learning in cultivating fruits, vegetables and flowers. The school's outdoor classroom includes many garden areas including orchards, butterfly gardens, pond and wetlands to foster future environmental stewards.



Edwin Brown Education Center

 We are a program that serves "special populations" students who are at-risk behaviorally and/or of dropping out of school.

We have created a 10,000sq. ft. organic food garden and are going into our 3rd season of production.  We are looking for ways to learn more about incorporating the project into the clasroom, building more community based support and creating long term sustainability.


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