The Dawes Garden of Eatin'

The Dawes School Garden of Eatin' in Evanston, IL was founded in 2004.  All students in our elementary school participate in a spring planting and in a spring and fall harvest and tasting.  As students prepare the soil for planting, they learn how organic gardening practices are related to their personal health as well as to the health of the environment.  The tasting of freshly harvested greens is a spring ritual at our school now and at the fall harvest we gather to celebrate our diverse culinary traditions.

Community Garden Network School Garden Committee

VISION of the CGN School Garden Committee:

Every school in Athens will have a vegetable garden accessible to enhance instruction that engages students, staff, families and the community.

MISSION of the CGN School Garden Committee:

To serve the students and educators of Athens-Clarke County by maintaining a central database of school gardens projects
To connect local schools with the community resources to build and maintain gardens sites as outdoor classrooms

Green Bronx Machine

Green Bronx Machine was born of the belief that we are all AMER-I-CANS! Together, we can grow, re-use resource and recycle our way into new and healthy ways of living; complete with self sustaining local economic engines. Inclusively and collectively, each and every member of our society offers a unique perspective with unlimited potential. Together, we can move those who are "apart from" society to become "part of" the driving force behind new solutions benefiting all of us.

Milford Mulberry Elementary Edible Garden

We started our Edible Garden last year at our school and it's become very popular, we have plans on adding more gardens the May!!!

Lockeland School Garden

The Lockeland Design Center garden will be comprised of three connected areas: a raised bed food production area, a butterfly garden area, and a school classroom area. The garden is to be located in the back of the school, just outside the cafeteria. This area was chosen for both it’s proximity to an existing water source, and for security as it located within a fenced area.

The Knowing Garden

THE KNOWING GARDEN is a community Elementary school for the children and families of the Greater South Bay area. Now open at St.Andrew's Church in Redondo Beach, our school recognizes humans as natural learners and respects students' rights to choice, freedom and collaboration. We believe that a project-rich curriculum facilitated by hands-on learning and real-life experiences will prepare our students to be critical thinkers who become lifelong learners and active contributors to the global community.

Hiland Hall Garden

 Hiland Hall Garden is a beautiful historic garden located in the village of North Bennington, Vermont. The garden and grapery serve as an outdoor classroom for gardening, art and healthy eating for local schools. 



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