Coloring Together: Strawberry


Coloring, sometimes considered a child’s activity, is a documented stress reliever for adults! In this activity, use our coloring sheet to color as a family. While you color, consider using the conversation starters to discuss strawberries.

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Use the Strawberries Coloring Sheet and color it in as you please. 

  • While you color, consider discussing strawberries. Use these prompts as conversation starters. 
  • Share a memory you have with strawberries. Encourage each other to be as descriptive as possible; can you remember where you were? What you smelled, touched, saw? 
  • Share your favorite recipes with strawberries. Describe what you liked about the recipes. 
  • Eat a delicious organic strawberry while you draw. Encourage each other to eat slowly and talk about how the strawberry tastes.
  • While you color, try enjoying a strawberry through a Mindful Eating Exercise that will have you slow down and focus in on every detail as you eat. 

Does coloring get you into a creative mindset? Want to express your creativity in other ways? Try writing a poem from the perspective of a strawberry in this I am Poem Lesson.

Notes for Teachers and Parents