Reflecting on Food: Mindful Eating


Can you enjoy eating more just by focusing your attention? How does the experience of eating change when you eat slowly? In this short lesson, you will try a mindful eating exercise guided by an audio prompt. Mindful eating is the practice of paying close attention to your food and how you are eating it.

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Before you get started
  • Find a quiet place to complete this activity, where you won’t be interrupted or distracted. 
  • Get a strawberry, other berry, or small slice of fruit.
  • Mindful eating: eating while paying close attention to the experience of eating

Write short answers, draw or sketch responses, or record audio or video answers to these reflection questions. 

  • Did you notice anything new about the food that you ate? 
  • Did you notice anticipation or eagerness to eat the food while smelling it? Did it feel satisfying to eat the food? 
  • Was this different from how you normally eat? How so? 
  • Are there any other foods that you want to try this activity with?
Student Notes
  • Try this activity with other foods. You can try it with a slice of fresh fruit, a piece of chocolate, or any food. It can be a fun way to appreciate the foods you enjoy.
  • Create a I am Poem using this experience as inspiration. 
  • Take a portion of a snack you usually eat mindlessly (without mindfulness, like while watching TV, scrolling on your phone, or playing video games). Try eating that whole snack mindfully. 
  • Family activity: Try leading your family in this mindful eating activity. It can be a fun group experience of savoring and enjoying food. 
  • Try extending the time frame for this activity. Use the same steps but spend longer on each step. Can you spend five minutes or even ten minutes eating and appreciating a single piece of fruit?

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Notes for Teachers and Parents
  • This activity asks students to practice reflection and metacognition. 
  • This activity supports students in developing awareness of how they make food choices.

Authored by Nick Lee