Garden Curriculum Development Protocol
Place of Learning: 

ESY Berkeley Teaching Staff
Edible Schoolyard Project
Berkeley, CA

This resource shows the process that garden teachers follow when creating new lessons.
Part 1 – The lesson we are developing
  • 5 minutes: read existing form of lesson (if applicable)
  • 5 minutes: silent writing of ideas
  • 10 minutes: brainstorm
  • 5 minutes: prioritize ideas
  • Author leaves with clear ideas to move on
  • Keep in mind the main lenses we are using to build curriculum;
  • EE Framework, NGSS, Learning Cycle, Grade Level Scope and Sequence
Part 2 – The lesson we are giving feeback on today
  • 7 minutes: silent read of draft
  • 8 minutes: each person shares feedback
  • 5 minutes: author checks for understanding/ clarification of questions raised
  • 10 minutes: discussions
  • Author incorporates ideas from Part 2 into a lesson write up.
  • Final draft edit with lead garden teacher (Author and lead garden teacher go over together)
  • Pilot lesson
Part 3 – The lesson we are currently teaching
  • 8 (2 min. ea.) minutes: where we ended up with this lesson (incorporate after class downloads)
  • 8 (2 min. ea.) minutes: what areas still needs work
  • 10 minutes: discussion
  • Lead garden teacher provides final edits