Standards Aligned:
Final Project
Place of Learning: 
120 minutes
Grade Level: 
In this lesson, students will synthesize their learning from the unit in order to develop a planting proposal for the garden. Depending on how in-depth you want your students to go, you may choose to spend anywhere from a day to a week on this part of the unit. However long you give them, we recommend that you make time for students to share their proposals with each other, as this gives them a valuable opportunity to learn from the inevitably wide range of approaches their peers will take to the same challenge.
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Teaching Notes: 
  • For sections that instruct students to READ, you can record yourself reading aloud and send it to students. Invite them to read along with the recording. This is a helpful strategy for differentiating learning that supports all students, especially English Language Learners.
  • If you are teaching this lesson in the garden, we suggest completing the sections as a whole glass or in small groups. The garden is a great place for discussion-based lessons.