Exploring Organic Food at a Grocery Store
Grade Level: 
Organic is a multifaceted and complex subject! It can be helpful to examine the topic from a few lenses to pull out some of this complexity. One important lens is a student's own experience. In this lesson, students will investigate the organic food options that are available to them in their neighborhood.
Guiding Questions
  • Is organic accessible?
  • How does accessibility to organic food impact you, your community, and the broader community?
  • What are ways organic food can be made accessible to you, your community, and the broader community?
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Teaching Notes: 
  • If you would rather teach this in the classroom, you can ask students to bring in products from home or bring in a variety of products and teach this lesson through examples. Students can also browse online grocery store listings.
  • This lesson asks students to visit a grocery store. It’s good practice to encourage students to check-in with their parents or guardians to get permission to go on their own or have them go with a trusted adult.
  • This lesson is a great opening for broader discussions around accessibility of organic food and conversations around health. See Resources of Articles for Extensions for ideas on how to broaden the exploration.
  • This lesson was developed for Edible Schoolyard Project’s Understanding Organic curriculum and is part of the extension inquiries.