Solana Vista Elementary

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Our primary goal is to continue to provide a school-wide program to help students experience the full food cycle: compost to nutritious vegetables.  We share our harvest with the School Cafeteria, and students are all eager to eat what they have grown. As our garden becomes more self- sustaining (using permaculture principles) our goal is to teach more scientific principles through discovery and basic cooking. Our District's focus on STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, arts & math) is fully supported by our garden program activities, in a hands-on, project-oriented way.  We are in the process of adding rain barrels, condensation catchment systems, and examples of solar and wind power.  We hope to add cooking and food prep tools to do more with our harvest.  We are very thankful to our dedicated volunteers and ongoing community support, which continue to make our garden program a success. 

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Kate Kousser
Whitney Peterson