Online Trainings
Digital trainings for educators designing distance learning experiences

We train educators, gardeners, chefs, and advocates from all over the world to seed and grow edible education in their schools, cafeterias, and communities. Join us to learn and share teaching strategies for adapting edible education to distance learning. 

Cooking with Curiosity Trainings

To support the launch of the Cooking with Curiosity: Challenging Perfection with Reflection curriculum, we will offer two workshops introducing the curriculum and highlighting the core learning strategies within. Join us for these free, interactive webinars to learn how you can utilize this curriculum and apply the learning strategies to your own lessons. 
Cooking with Curiosity - Sharing, Dialogue, and Conversations in Distance Learning
Wednesday, October 21st 4pm PT 
Sharing work is an important part of many classroom activities. Students can learn from one another, provide useful feedback, and deepen connections with their peers through sharing. This workshop focused on platforms and approaches to facilitate student sharing and dialogue during distance learning. Facilitators and participants shared and highlighted resources and discussed best practices for sharing across the distance.


Intro to Cooking with Curiosity - Reflection and Self Efficacy
Wednesday, September 30th 4pm PT

This session introduced the Cooking with Curiosity: Challenging Perfection with Reflection curriculum and explored the core learning strategy of reflection. Edible Ed at Home co-designers Raquel Vigil and Nick Lee shared their vision for how reflection activities can help students build their self-efficacy. Participants gained a greater understanding of how to teach and use Cooking with Curiosity lessons. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss and share their practices around reflection and building student self-belief.

Summer Training at Home

Summer Training at Home was a multi-month summer program of online training and professional development sessions for the field of edible education. The program consisted of a four-part workshop series on adapting edible education to remote and home learning. All sessions were offered at no cost.  You can now view the condensed recording of each workshop in the archive below. 

Adapting Edible Education to Remote and Home Learning

This workshop series focused on adapting curriculum and instructional strategies to support students through rich, experiential learning that can take place at home. While the workshops are focused on designing for distance learning, the lessons within are valuable for all educators seeking to create student-centered learning experiences. 

Curriculum Design for Distance Learning
Tuesday, June 30th at 1 PM PT 

Edible education typically takes place during in-person, hands-on classes.  This workshop highlights curriculum design strategies for adapting edible education to distance learning and supports participants to begin planning new lessons. 

Cross-Curricular Connections in Edible Education
Tuesday, July 14th at 1 PM PT

Gardening and cooking have rich connections with every academic subject.  This workshop outlines approaches for building rich cross-curricular lessons through studies of food. 

Instructional Strategies for Edible Education at Home
Tuesday, July 28th at 1 PM PT

Distance learning requires different approaches to instruction than classroom (or kitchen and garden) based learning. Participants in this workshop will learn a variety of instructional strategies for distance learning and identify the ones that fit their teaching style best. 

Strategies for Blending Virtual and Real Life Learning
Tuesday, August 11th at 1 PM PT 

Distance and home learning do not have to be limited to virtual experiences.  This workshop features exciting examples of blended learning that support students in learning offline and engaging with the world around them.