Learning How to Flip Food


Have you watched chefs on TV effortlessly flip an egg or pancake without using a spatula? Do you want to be able to do that and impress your friends with your skills? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to flip food in a sauté pan and reflect upon how you learn new skills.

Download Lesson Plan

  • Computer or other device to view the video
  • Paper and pen or pencil
  • Pan with curved sides and something to practice flipping, such as popcorn or uncooked rice


Write / Describe

Write the story of a time you had to learn something new that involved practice. What were you learning? How did practice help you learn? After you have reflected on the importance of practice, you are going to learn a new skill that requires practice—how to flip food.


Go to https://tinyurl.com/esyflipfood to watch Nick from The Edible Schoolyard demonstrating the skill of flipping food in a pan.


Head to the kitchen and practice flipping. REMEMBER: To flip food in a pan, you want to push the pan away from you to get the food moving, and then yank it back with a gentle toss. You should expect to make a bit of a mess when you are starting out. Remember to clean up and keep practicing!


How'd it go? Go to someone in your house and demonstrate what you learned. How long do you think you will have to practice to master the food flip?

Student Notes

Want to explore further? Below are some ways you can practice flipping  and share what you learn with others.

  • What else can you flip? Think about other foods that can be flipped. Write them down and practice filling those foods.
  • Saute and Flip. Did you know that flipping food is an important technique when you saute food? Perfect your filling skills while sauteing. Use our saute visual for information on how to saute.
  • Share a video of your flipping food skills. Once you feel confident in your flip, record a video, and share it with your teacher and family members.

We would love to see your videos and post them on our social media platforms! If you would like to share your videos with us, please ask permission from a parent or guardian. Tell them to fill out our Media Release Form. Send the signed form along with your video to Edible Schoolyard at learning@edibleschoolyard.org.


Edible Schoolyard Project (2020 April, 23). Flipping Food Demonstration. [Video]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho6fnWjNY_4&feature=youtu.be

Notes for Teachers/Parents

This activity…

  • Supports students in practicing reflection
  • Asks students to utilize tools in the kitchen 
  • Reaches our student outcomes of: Students feel that cooking and gardening is more accessible. 

The student notes section of this document details ways to engage further. One of the prompts suggests students share a video with us of them flipping food. That section requests that students get permission and that parents fill out a media release form.  

Authored by Nick Lee