Upper Elementary

Growing Well with Mercy school garden program

The Growing Well with Mercy program is focused on community collaboration in order to fostes healthy lifestyles in our communities.This program is a natural outgrowth of our successful ten year Mercy Goes to school program teaching nutrition and germ preventon classes to local elementary schools in our hospital service area. We currently have partnerships with Folsom-Cordova, Buckeye and Rescue Union school Districts.

Cooking with Kids, Inc.

Cooking with Kids motivates and empowers elementary school students to make healthy food choices. Through hands-on nutrition education activities, kindergarten through 6th grade students explore, prepare, and enjoy fresh, affordable foods from around the world. A 5th grader says it best: “Do you know what the passion of food is? It’s the way the food smells and tastes – it’s the food that I like!”

Grow Your Lunch

We offer program development services and materials tailored to the needs of educators, parents and administrators intending to build successful, curriculum and cafeteria - integrated garden programs

The Seven Circles Garden

The Seven Circles Garden is a 3/4 acre organic garden sustained and maintained by faculty, family, friends and students of the Meher Schools. The Garden is integrated into our regular academic day....all students have "garden" as part of their curriculum....including planting, growing, harvesting, snack preparation, garden math, garden art, nutrition. the garden project also partners with Futures Explored, a work place for developmentally disabled adults in Lafayette. 

Litchfield Hills Food Systems KiDSMARATHON

What is KiDSMARATHON? Rod Dixon's KiDSMARATHON™ is an 8 – 10 week training program that enables kids to complete a full marathon by running incremental distances each week leading up to the finish in front of hundreds of fans! During the project, elementary students, ages 7-12, develop life-long fitness skills, positive nutritional habits*, social-emotional learning, a feeling of accomplishment, and self-confidence for themselves. The mantra of the program is “Finishing is Winning! Winning is Finishing!”.

Independence Farm to School Chapter

 We have our own gardens, 2 acres as well as 13 raised beds.  The beds are used to help teacher be able to teacher in the garden.  The 2 acres is all fruits and vegetables that will be grown for the school's lunch/breakfast program.

Hooker Oak Open Structured Classroom School Garden

The Hooker Oak Elementary Open Structured Classroom school garden program has been growing for the last five years, revitalilzing the garden area (with the assistance of community business support), and now students have 2-3 sessions, (sessions lasting 3-4 weeks), in the garden: harvesting, seeding, transplanting as well as tasting and cooking from the school garden harvest.  In addtiion, the garden curriculum has been integrated with both Life Science and Common Core ELA, so students are meeting some of their curriculum standards through their experiences in the school garden.

Roseland Boys and Girls Club

An afterschool program offered by the Boys and girls club of Sonoma County that serves 100-150 kids daily.

CASTINGS, Hungry Owl Foundation and The Hilltop Garden Explorer Program

The Hilltop Garden Explorers program, based at McCarver Elementary School in Tacoma, WA, works to engage youths and families in an active learning environment through hands on gardening and ancillary cooking, community collaboration, leadership training, business experience, classroom training, recycling/composting and garden art.

Mamma Rainbow's Deep Roots Gardening Program, Courtesy of the Dunbar Family

  Mamma Rainbow's Deep Roots Gardening Program, courtesy of the Dunbar Family is part of the cosmic education program and outdoor learning curriculum at Hilltop Montessori School in Birmingham, Alabama. The school is located in a LEED certified green school that boasts approximately 6 acres of outdoor learning environments including organic gardening, a working beehive and native plant trails. The school's outdoor environments are certified with the National Wildlife Federation and the school is accredited by AdvancED, SACS and SAIS.


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