Upper Elementary

Wonderland Avenue Elementary 'From The Ground Up'

From The Ground Up was started about a year ago and serves as an edible garden where kids from all grades come out the garden and learn about sustainability by doing hands-on activities. There is also a nutrition compondent of the program where a nutrition educator volunteer gives nutrition lessons in the classroom to discuss various topics like why eating a rainbow is so important, why breakfast is so important, discussing MyPlate, to name a few.

Alamo School Teaching Garden

 Through a grant we applied for last year provided by Alliance for a Healthier Generation, we are in the planning stages of a terraced Teaching Garden at the elementary school. 

We have worked closely with our school district facilities dept. to enlist their services to repair the existing irrigation system, as well as remove all existing vegetation, lay weed retardant and bark prior to the beginning of construction and planting.

Veggie U

 Veggie U is dedicated to increasing children’s awareness of healthy food options, and teaching them how real food reaches their plate. We believe children who are exposed to growing their own food are more likely to include vegetables in their diet. Our national non-profit organization supplies Classroom Gardens and a standards based, five-week science program to elementary and special needs students. Over 6,500 Veggie U Classroom Gardens have sprouted in 36 states. Learn more at www.VeggieU.org

Cale School Garden

 Flowers, fruit and vegetables grown by the students at Paul H. Cale Elementary School.

Mechanics Grove Garden of Wisdom

 Our organic garden will grow vegetables, flowers, bulbs, prairie grasses and fruits.  We will share our harvest with our local foodbank.  Our children consistently emphasize good health habits.  We are committed to healthy lifestyles.

Purple Asparagus

 Purple Asparagus is a Chicago based non-profit that educates children, families and the community about eating that's good for the body and the planet.

The San Francisco School

The San Francisco School is an educational community that both teaches our children with the future in mind and models all that we hope our children as adults will strive to create in society.

Leona Canyon Regional Open Space Preserve

A pristine wooded canyon is protected in this 290-acre parkland near Merritt College in Oakland.

The park includes a self-guided trail focusing on the local Indian uses of plants. A brochure is available at the trailhead.

A teachers' trail guide is available online: http://www.ebparks.org/parks/leona#guide and provides additional context, history and tips for educators.


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