Lower Elementary

Creative Arts Charter School

Our public charter school is focused on using the arts, including visual, music, dance and theater. We aim to teach all subjects in our K-8 school through project-based methods with arts-integration. Our school was founded by parents in 1994, and it is one of the oldest charter schools in California. It is a high-perfoming non-profit school with a highly diverse group of students. We use ideas adapted from studies including Harvard's Project Zero with regard to arts integration.


HIP Ag K-20 Ag-Nutrition Pipeline serves through offering farm fieldtrips, in-class and in-school garden workshops, HS farmer mentorship for Kohala Ag & IET classes, and post secondary 1-year farm apprenticeship.  HIP Ag serves as partner to Kohala DOE complex to support Hawaii State's F2S and G2C pilot programs.  Mission: To practice and teach ecologically conscious agriculture, empowering individuals and communities to cultivate alternative systems of living that restore human and environmental health. 

Donaldson Way: Growing and Learning in the Garden

Our mission is to create a balance between technology and connection to the earth.  The focus of our program is duel.  The importance of knowing how our food grows and the availability of time and space to engage with learning in an outdoor environment.  Our school is part of a larger group known as New Technology Network and we incorporate use of technology and project based learning in our classrooms grades K-5.  We are building a garden and outdoor classroom aimed at supporting these projects and teachers in a way that creates hands on, real world opportunies for our students.

Whittle School and Studios

Our hopes are high, and by them we are bound together.

We are creating an extraordinary and unique school, the first truly modern institution serving children from age three to 18 and the first global one. We want to change for the better the lives of those students who attend and, beyond our own campuses, contribute to the cause of education on every continent. We measure our merit not through the narrowness of exclusivity but through the breadth of our impact.

Una escuela de colores México

Una escuela de colores aims to connect with food to children and adults in a positive way. We believe that the game is one of the essential tools for the educational process, that is why we work from a vision where self discovery, free play, philosophy for children, attentive listening are fundamental for the development of our programs. Biodiversity is a fundamental part of our program. Mexico has very serious health problems and also has a great opportunity from our identity and gastronomy that we seek to rescue and show to the new generation.


We have bought a land in the South of France. Our 3 children will be giving permaculture classes to visiting families and online.

Hilltop Montessori School Teaching Kitchen

We are a small Montessori school that recently started our lunch program with a focus on from-scratch recipes made with locally sourced produce. We have many raised bed gardens around the school. The students are able to harvest items for our salad bar when they are in season. Our goal is to start teaching our students through Garden and Kitchen curriculum. 

24 Carrot Garden NOLA

24 Carrot Garden Project is a community garden in the St Roch neighborhood of New Orleans that is an after school program for kids of all ages. Our mission is to offer youth a space and an opportunity to learn about food and explore their entrepreneurial interests from the ground up. We support creativity and understand the value of financial literacy. We plant and harvest food, learn about sustainability, and practice recipes and healthy cooking techniques. 24 Carrot believes in nurturing the whole child. We are neighbors committed to moving into the future harmoniously. 

Bluebird CSA

Bluebird Community Supported Agriculture Program…

Penn Farm

The study of Agriculture at William Penn High School focuses on two fundamental areas: plant science and animal science. Plant science applies the principles of agriculture, biology, and chemistry of plant life. Connecting to our environmental science program, students combine economics, policy and ecology in order to study ecosystems and natural resources. Our animal science program emphasizes animal nutrition, animal care and how animals interact with our food systems.


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