Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture envisions a community transformed by good food for all and the skills to grow it.

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture works to enhance our community’s health by connecting people to agriculture and the land through hands-on learning opportunities from seed to plate.

Our Values
Our values are what guide the decisions we make to carry out our mission. Our values are our DEEP ROOTS.

Problem Solving

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Village Campus Garden

The Village Campus garden program at HPA works to teach students in grades K-8 about their place and foods grown locally and sustainably on Hawaii island. The goal is to get kids out of the classroom and into nature to better understand, respect, and care for the natural world. Students learn seed to table practices, market gardening, and how to extend their learning in the garden all while connection to the land, or 'aina.

Headowfield Elementary School

Meadowfield Elementary School's garden serves over 700 students from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our PreK-5th grade students plant and harvest seasonal plants in our 12 raised garden beds. Our gardneing partnerships include Clemson University, the SC Department of Agriculture, Slow Food Columbia, and the Bay Blossoms Garden Club.

Berkeley Unified School District Gardening and Cooking Program

The Berkeley Public School Gardening and Cooking Program engages students with hands-on instruction in the garden. As part of the 2020 Vision and the District’s Integrated Wellness Policy, the Program is woven into student life District-wide to ensure the academic, physical, emotional, and health development of all students to affect three main areas of student learning from preschool through high school:

Academic Achievement:

Horizonte Corporativo

Program started in 1 school, 50 students in 2013

Now is working in 18 schools, 4000+ students in Casma and Ica, Peru

Main objectives are environmental education, nutrition and pedagogy. By teaching organic agriculture, we try to make fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables available to kids, and the school orchard is a powerful tool for making pedagogy


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