San Diego Jewish Academy

At San Diego Jewish Academy our mission is to challenge minds, inspire purpose and explore possibilities. Levana's Garden is a 1/4 acre site that includes native plants, the seven species of trees from the Old Testament, 11 raised vegetable beds, 1 large in ground bed and a multitude of orchard trees. We also recently have added a flock of 4 hens to the garden. We have a school cafeteria that makes the majority of it's lunches from scratch, and is able to use the fresh ingredients from our garden.

Local food cycling school

We are a non-profit organization to promote the enjoyment of a lifestyle that aims to establish resource recycling in the local community. Our activities include, among others teaching how to recycle our kitchen garbage and other waste generated from our yards that is, how to turn them into compost and communicating the joy of composting. By making use of compost we produced or collected in neiboring areas, we grow vegetables in community gardens. 

We focus on following 5 issues for a sustainable lifestyle in community you live.

Lake County International Charter

The mission of Lake County International Charter School is to educate students to be literate, knowledgeable, principled local, national, and global citizens. Students participate in an enriched and nurturing learning environment that honors the whole child - emotionally, creatively, physically, socially and culturally. LCICS students become competent and self-motivated individuals with  a commitment to life-long learning that enables them to reach their full potentials.

Rosewood Court Affordable Housing Complex

Our program is based out of Rosewood Court Apartment Complex, which is affordable housing through Housing for Hope for low-income residents. Our core values which lead our work are human dignity, solidarity, subsidiarity and option for the vulnerable. Our principles which guide our work are collaboration, excellence, education and stewardship.

Farm Shop Educational Centre

Hello! As a farming family we have always had a passion to supply the public with healthy, local fruit and vegetables as well as educate people on healthy eating. Having struggled to encourage local councils we work with to support us in our drive to educate children and their parents we have decided to create a program ourselves. Through our expansion of our business with a Farm Shop and Restaurant we want to create an educational space for children to learn about farming, healthy eating and cooking.

Springhill Garden

Our program is really in the beginning stages at I am looking to expand and build the program by implementing structure and systems that will create a sustainable means for the garden to continue through the changing personnel that a public school can bring. I am a former sous chef and line cook at Chez Panisse, I left 5 years ago to be at home with my two daughters. My eldest is now in kindergarten at the local school and the garden program is in desperate need of help, I want to be that help.

Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services of Monterey Peninsula Unified School District provides breakfast, lunch, after school snack and supper, as well as summer meals to the over 10,000 students in our district. We are at the front line of closing the hunger gap in our community and so our mission of "providing the highest quality, nutritious food choices that support academic and athletic achievement" is extremely important to us.

Colegio Hebreo Tarbut

The Hebrew Tarbut School is a private school within the branch of Jewish schools in Mexico, seeking to transmit the best possible education to their students from kindergarten through high school during the last 75 years. Being a private school in Mexico, it receives students who belong to a minority of the population but with many privileges, this implies a lot of responsibility to prepare them for the future.

Americorps/Coupeville Farm to School

The purpose of the Coupeville School Gardens is to support learning, inspire creativity, and promote the health of our students.Through our programs, from the time they are in kindergarten, students are learning about the uniqueness of their community and are given the education to participate and contribute to its preservation and development.The School Gardens Proposal  is an immense source of information about who we are, our community, as well as our short and long term goals. 

Little Parrot Farm

Little Parrot Farm uses organic agricultural practices while producing quality and nutritious crops and products, and hopes to educate and unite the community behind the cause to achieve sustainability, harmony with nature, and compassion for all living beings.  For children, we run school field trips to bridge the gap between farm to table and help them nurture care as they come to see and feed farm animals.


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