Una escuela de colores México

Program Type: 
Farm Based, Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, School Cafeterias, Academic Classrooms, Support Organization, Business
Grade Level/Age Group: 
Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adults/Professionals
Year Founded: 
About the Program: 

Una escuela de colores aims to connect with food to children and adults in a positive way. We believe that the game is one of the essential tools for the educational process, that is why we work from a vision where self discovery, free play, philosophy for children, attentive listening are fundamental for the development of our programs. Biodiversity is a fundamental part of our program. Mexico has very serious health problems and also has a great opportunity from our identity and gastronomy that we seek to rescue and show to the new generation. We work with different universities and institutions that help us permeate our work with all sociocultural levels.

Active Ambassador for Mexico of Food Revolution since 2014

Our values ​​are inspired by Waldorf pedagogies, Reggio Emilia and edible scholyard, we promote food and its responsible consumption as part of a preventive program that seeks to incorporate healthy habits for a full life.

Since 2017 our founder is the education coordinator for Slow Food Mexico. We have developed taste education manuals for Slow Food Mexico and different educational institutions. We are part of the CONTRApeso coalition for the welfare and prevention of family and childhood health. We are part of the partnership for early childhood, developing educational programs to promote the food issue in schools. We have had national and local recognition from different institutions and universities, and recognitions for our work in the community such as the Monterrey Forum in two years and the business incubator of the University of Monterrey with a prize as a social enterprise. We received the Banregio Entrepreneurs Award in 2016 In 2015, we received the award from journalists from Monterrey for the dissemination in our radio program of prevention and health issues related to food.