Sunshine Garden

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The Sunshine Garden broke ground in June 2009. With funding from First 5 Sierra mini-grants, this garden has taken shape over the years. Money from these grants has paid for lumber, soil, a picket fence, a student bench, seeds, a tool shed, and tools.  Currently, there are 6, 4x12 raised beds. The Sierra Kids Child Development Center cares for students 2 years old and up. This center also offers preschool. The preschool teachers frequently integrate the garden into their curriculum plans. ALL children explore, maintain and harvest the garden frequently. In 2016 the garden received a make-over as it was starting to look its age. The entire garden was sheet mulched by laying down cardboard and several inches of wood chips. New additions to the garden during the summer of 2016 include an outdoor weaving loom, sensory sound board, fairy and dinosaur gardens. This garden produces enough food for all the children to taste, cook with staff and also take home to their families.

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Amy Filippini
Founder, Staff, Teacher, Volunteer