North Country School and Camp Treetops

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Farm Based, Garden Classrooms, Kitchen Classrooms, School Cafeterias, Academic Classrooms
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Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School
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Founded in 1921, North Country School and Camp Treetops offers both a seven week camp program for 8-15 year olds, and a progressive fourth through ninth grade curriculum for boarding and day students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and countries. The 200-acre campus features a year round working farm and organic garden where, through direct experience, the children gain a broad understanding of life’s natural rhythms, benefits of local food sources, and practices of sustainable living. At North Country School and Camp Treetops, children are included in every aspect of growing, harvesting, preparing, and enjoying food. Often cited as a highlight of the NCS/CTT experience, the farm and garden program does much more than provide opportunities for real work. Students and campers also have regular opportunities to participate in both formal and informal farm-based activities and lessons, in addition to daily barn, garden, and compost chores. All farm produce goes directly to the campus dining room, where nutritious meals are served family-style. Students and campers are directly involved in every aspect of producing the food that shows up on the table, whether it's starting seeds in springtime, gathering eggs, harvesting tomatoes, or turning the compost pile.


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In this lesson, students will learn one of many ways to preserve the fall harvest. They will learn appropriate ways to harvest herbs from the garden, how to safely handle garden tools, and two simple methods to preserve herbs for use throughout the winter and spring.
6 – 8