Montessori School Of Huntsville

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The Montessori School of Huntsville (MSH) educates children to prepare them for a life of purpose, integrity, and academic accomplishment.  We develop independent learners, critical thinkers, and tomorrow’s leaders.   Since 2010, MSH has developed the acreage at our main location into a multi-faceted outdoor classroom. Projects for the outdoor classroom have been funded largely through local grants and parent support. MSH has been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation and the Alabama Wildlife Federation and currently is certified as both a wildlife habitat and an Alabama Outdoor Classroom.  The walking trails, outdoor seating area, learning stations, gardens, and chicken coop that comprise our Outdoor Classroom are utilized daily and maintained by students with support from our parent volunteers. We recently acquired a grant to begin bee hives on our campus throught the Whole Kids Foundation and look forward to the addition of bees and their honey to our curriculum.





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Leela Pahl
Administrator, Parent, Staff, Teacher