MariLark Farms

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Farm Based, Garden Classrooms
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About the Program: 

MariLark Farms is about building community, about seed saving and about walking the walk and yes, talking the talk in a world that desperately needs it. We all have the responsibility or the ability to respond to actions that require us to respond. We can show the world how to build community by building resilient communities that bring us together to share what is important in our world. Breaking bread and our soils together helps foster good will and good eats too.

Part of the mission at MarLark is to instill the passion and joy of growing food in the urban environment. Each year we give the farm away, growing hundreds of tomato starts for the local community. In so doing, we create more farms in the process while creating a sense of urgency about the importance of plant biodiversity, seed saving and support of one’s community. MariLark Farms is about building community one seed at a time.